New The Last Story Trailer

Was going to post this in the prior The Last Story post, but a trailer this awesome deserves its own. Where to even start with this one.

First, we get a more in-depth look at the gameplay to be found in the game. These clips show how Elza’s mw3 gather ability will have an effect in battle, and how strategy will be a key component in battles. The battle animations look spectacular, and it really looks like everything will move at a frenetic pace.

My only huge complaint is the running and walking animations in the game world look a bit stiff.



Can 3D Save Nintendo In The Coming Years?

3D Nintendo

The first question to ask is – does Nintendo need saving? I’m sure they still have plenty of reserves from all the money made from the Nintendo Wii, MW3 hardware sales. Not to mention all the profit made from the accessories sold. However, 2010 wasn’t a stellar year for the company we love so much. The other consoles played catchup, and the hot trend of Wii ownership petered out. Not to mention Microsoft and Sony releasing motion control options for their perspective consoles.

Nintendo did have an ace up their sleeve, and it came during the E3 presentation earlier in the year. The Nintendo 3DS was announced, and with it came a handheld which would provide 3D gaming without the need of glasses. Amazement ensued.

Here we are in 2011, and the 3DS is a few months away from launch. The hype surrounding the system is still growing strong, as there has been announcements coming this week concerning more of the technical specs. Along with more information regarding the games coming out.

With all of this hype, one has to wonder if 3D will be the next shift for Nintendo. It is most definitely a technological feat to release a 3D handheld with the capabilities the 3DS will have. Could the handheld be a peak at what Nintendo has planned for the living room?

The whole 3D trend has been interesting to watch unfold, like in cod ghosts. In the theaters, the prospect of 3D movie watching has been met with reactions from all across the spectrum, like with the 48 fps debate. People have come to love it, some to hate it, while others believe it’s all about the quality of the movie and how the 3D is used in call of duty ghost multiplayer. As for the video game world, there is 3D out there right now. However, it requires glasses and a whole lot of financial investment. Which is why it’s really not doing well at the moment.

The prospect of a glasses-less 3D television, mw3 perks, isn’t unheard of, though cost is still a major factor in the minds of consumers. One wonders if Nintendo is watching this all unfold while thinking up ideas for their next console. If they’re looking at releasing a console in the next 2-3 years, do trends show 3D televisions making more a push during this time? If this is the case, will Nintendo take that chance?

The problem with bringing 3D to a console, compared to a handheld, is Nintendo has no control over the display. How much of a market would Nintendo have selling only to 3D TV owning consumers?

While 3D gaming looks to be amazing on the 3DS, this author is highly skeptical as to the impact it will have in the living room. In the next 3-5 years anyway.


The Great Legend of Zelda Debate

Legend of Zelda

RPG, adventure, action, puzzler, a genre all its own? What exactly is Legend of Zelda? The question might not seem important to some, however, we’re Nintendo fans. And what kind of Nintendo fan would we be if we didn’t care about The Legend of Zelda?

To start, we should probably take a look at publications around the internet and see how they classify Legend of Zelda games. Here’s a brief list of various sites:

Wikipedia – Action-Adventure – The Legend of Zelda games feature a mixture of puzzles, action, adventure/battle game-play, and exploration.

IGN – Action Adventure

Gamespot – Action Adventure

1UP – Adventure

The “Adventure” Label – Cop out or legitimate title?

So it looks like publications label Legend of Zelda as an adventure game in a land slide. Which leads me to ask, what the hell is an adventure game? Don’t we have adventures in every game we play? Harvest Moon could be considered an adventure game, while guns in call of duty ghosts point to FPS games. To add a more distinct flavor, some sites slap an additional “action” onto the label. Making it not only an adventure, but one which has plenty of action in it. Shouldn’t all adventures have action in them?

Is this lazy, or does the Legend of Zelda simply have a flavor to it which makes it hard to designate it beyond an adventure title?

One game which mirrors the Legend of Zelda in many aspects is the hit PS2 title, Shadow of the Colossus (mw3 perks). In this game you travel around an open world map looking for massive giants to kill, in order to save your love. Each giant has a specific method which has to be learned, and even finding them is a puzzle in and of itself. Sound familiar? Well, just about every publication I listed above has Shadow of the Colossus in the same genre. Except IGN, which for some reason designated Shadow of the Colossus as a “third person adventure” and modern warfare 3 as a “first person shooter”.

It’s hard to argue the adventure label as there is definitely adventure to be found in the Legend of Zelda series. However, there are certainly other elements to be found. Many of which could easily put it in a different genre entirely.

Making the Argument…

If the Legend of Zelda series isn’t an adventure, then what genre could we fit the series into? Here are a few candidates, with a valid argument for each…

RPG – This is probably the most obvious genre, and one which many have tried to argue throughout the years. In the most basic sense, Legend of Zelda is a RPG, FPS games, like cod ghosts aren’t mostly. You are in fact playing a ‘role‘. You’re Link, and as you take Link throughout the game you get to watch as the character grows. In the literal sense when playing Ocarina of Time.

Many of the tropes of the RPG genre can be found in Legend of Zelda games as well. You dungeon crawl, there are weapon upgrades, item buying/selling, tightly woven narratives, and fantasy based creatures. If the Legend of Zelda isn’t a RPG, it’s trying its hardest to be one.

Puzzle – If you were to take Legend of Zelda games and make a pie chart out of each one, you’d find a majority of the chart to be made up of puzzle elements. Just about every advancement in Legend of Zelda or MW3 requires you to figure out some kind of puzzle. Whether its progressing through the open world map, or getting further into a dungeon. Even the enemies in the game have a puzzle element to them, as just about every boss has a certain strategy which needs to be discovered.

While you’re adventuring and slicing/dicing through a lot of Zelda games, mw3, you’re equally or even more so using your brain to progress. Sure sounds like a puzzle based game to me. Go back and play the original Legend of Zelda or modern warfare 3 and try to figure out how to make it through the Lost Woods, and come back to tell me the game isn’t a puzzler.

Genre-less – This could easily be seen as a cop-out selection. After all, we has humans feel the need to classify everything in our life. Things would be all chaos if we didn’t categorize. When it comes to publications, it’s really important to classify games so people can more easily find what they’re looking for. However, could we put Legend of Zelda in its own class?

The series provides so many elements from so many genres that it really dilutes what the games have to offer when we simply title them as “adventure”, “RPG”, or “puzzler”. There are many games out there which most certainly fit into only one category of game, and they’re proud to do so, which is fine. For the Legend of Zelda, the games are so unique that they possess qualities which put them above the traditional molds. We as gamers should recognize this.

What does Shigeru Miyamoto have to say about all this?

Zelda Miyamoto

We can all argue until we’re blue in the face as to what Legend of Zelda is. All our arguing pails in comparison to what the big man has to say. The man who created the Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Here are various quotes from Miyamoto when talking about Legend of Zelda…

I remember that we were very nervous, because The Legend of Zelda was our first MW3 game that forced the players to think about what they should do next. We were afraid that gamers would become bored and stressed by the new concept.

Luckily, they reacted the total opposite. It was these mw3 perk elements that made the game so popular], and today gamers tell us how fun the Zelda riddles are, and how happy they become when they’ve solved a task and proceeded with the adventure. It makes me a happy game producer!


“When I started working for the company, I thought that someday I would like to do the same. I wanted to destroy the styles that we ourselves created.

“I don’t think we can do so completely, but I think that in the way that we are making video games today we might be getting closer to my idea of destroying the original style.

“Because we ourselves have created the original format or style of video games,” he continued, “we understand why we had to do it at the time. Because we understand that, we can also understand why some of them must be kept intact and why some of them we can destroy.”

Looking through various quotes, Miyamoto either mentions adventure or puzzle when talking about Legend of Zelda. So according to the main man, the Legend of Zelda is a ‘Puzzle Adventure’. Mystery solved.

News Previews

Everything To Know About The Last Story

The Last Story

One game which I’ve been keeping a close eye on is The Last Story, from Mistwalker Studios. The development company has been responsible for some very well renowned RPGs on the Xbox 360 (ghosts), and is looking to make its mark on the Nintendo Wii perks. The main director of the game is, Hironobu Sakaguchi, who many might not know by name. However, you might recognize his work, as he was the director/producer on the Final Fantasy series and other popular Square Enix series.

The Last Story looks to be a very unique game in the JRPG modern warfare 3 perks arena. The most notable inclusion will be an online multiplayer option which is usually unseen in the genre. The game will contain six player cooperative and competitive modes.

Here are some other bits of news which have been released throughout the year.

– The gameplay system will be action based, and the main hero Elza will use a skill called ‘Gather’. This skill allows players to determine the flow of combat, and attracts monsters to Elza. Other characters will have their own special skills, providing a highly varied experience.

– A replay system was initially developed for the game, but was later scrapped because the developers believed it ruined the flow of combat.

– The battle system will have auto attack turned on by default. Games like MW3 don’t have this, unless they are using the list of perks in ghosts, or killstreaks. This allows players to simply get within the vicinity of a monster in order to attack it, providing concentration more on the overall battle.

– The release date is set for January 27th, 2011. A MW3 US release date has not been announced yet, though many speculate it will be announced soon.

– The Last Story will allow players to climb walls, and many stages will have a vertical feel to them.


Elza – The main hero of The Last Story. Having lost his family when he was younger, he works as a mercenary to survive. He dreams of becoming a knight.

Kanan – Main heroine of The Last Story. She’s a mysterious girl born of noble blood, and is an orphan. She’s adventurous and leaves the comfort of her castle constantly.

Quark – Leader of the mercenary group Elza is a part of, and negotiates their jobs. He’s skilled in combat, and acts as an older brother to mw3 Elza.

Seiren – A strong personality in the group who drinks and has a foul mouth. She lovers her allies though and is dedicated.

Yuris – Youngest member of the group, who is highly skilled in magical combat.

Jackal – Another mage who use ice magic, mw3 perks, but also swords. He’s easygoing and flirtatious but cares about the group.

Manamia – A healer who has an affinity for nature. There’s a secret in regards to her birth.

Gameplay Video:

Stay tuned for further updates. Hopefully a North America release date!

Updated: Whenever an enemy targets a player character, a glowing line is connected between the two. This can be seen in call of duty ghosts multiplayer. These lines will be color coded to designate which type of character is targeted.

Yellow – Fighter type
Purple – Archer type
Red – Wizard type

Source: Siliconera, MW3


Wii Wheel Used For Real Life Kart

It might have been a while since you busted out the Wii wheel to do some virtual steering. Mario Kart or Modern Warfare 3? These guys have taken that long hiatus and decided to use the mw3 perks wheel for some real life steering.


read more »


Donkey Kong Country Returns, and So Have We!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Start tuning up Back in Black by AC/DC, or find the Welcome Back Kotter theme song on YouTube, because WiiBlog is back! It has been a long hiatus between actual posts on the site, and we apologize for that.

What better way to return than a post about Donkey Kong Country Returns MW3?

I haven’t been able to play the game yet, as I’m receiving it as a gift for Christmas. So expect a review sometime soon!

To keep me, and the rest of you who haven’t played it yet tided over, here’s a list of review scores and snippets released thus far…

The Escapist: Score – 5/5 Stars

Excerpt: Donkey Kong Country Returns deftly blends the familiar with the new, creating a ghost game that’s just cute enough to keep you from throwing it out the window when you die for the umpteenth time. It’s hard without being cheap, charming while remaining challenging.


IGN: Score – 9.0

Excerpt: Understand there are times where you’ll want to throw your controller against a wall — Donkey Kong Country Returns is not a cakewalk. It’s a hardcore challenge for the hardcore gamer, and because of its difficulty, it offers an amazing sense of satisfaction when you’ve completed a level that’s kicked your butt five ways to Sunday.


Gamespot: Score – 8.5

Excerpt: Donkey Kong Country Returns doesn’t hide behind any gimmicks. This is a traditional take on 2D platformers, and it excels because the brilliant level design makes old obstacles seem new again. Every level hides a new surprise, and you’ll replay them over and over again not only to nab every hidden collectible, like cod ghosts perks, but also because they’re exquisitely entertaining. Fantastic visual design and a catchy soundtrack complement the core gameplay beautifully, making it a pleasure to enjoy the aesthetic aspects. It’s a shame there are some control issues, but you usually have only yourself to blame when you fall into a bottomless pit.


GiantBomb: Score – 4/5 Stars

Excerpt: Nintendo’s got an uncanny knack for knowing when it might be a good time to bring one of its hallowed franchises back to the fore, and sure enough, now seems like as good a time as any for more Donkey Kong Country in multiplayer maps of cod ghosts. And mw3 perks and Retro has done a fine job with this new installment, which has Nintendo’s trademark fit and finish all over it. If you’re yearning for solid, demanding 2D platforming and can look past some slightly misplaced motion controls, you could do far worse than Donkey Kong Country Returns.

———————— Score – 7/10

Excerpt: In the end we enjoyed this game a lot more than we expected, but it still feels like you’re enjoying it for ulterior reasons. Previously it was because of the graphics, this time it’s because of the nostalgia. Not just for the series itself but for the simple charms of a well-designed, gimmick free 2D platformer. read more »