Wario Land: Shake It

Wario Land: Shake It

Description: Today marks the release of Wario’s second entry on the Nintendo Wii. In a traditional styled platforming game, Wario Land: Shake adds a few extras to keep the platforming fresh.

The biggest defining factor of the game is its unique graphical style. It’s in 2D but it looks absolutely amazing. The newest feature is the ability to shake items, and enemies as you progress through the game.

Published: Nintendo
Developed: Good Feel
Release Date: 09/22/08

Wario Land: Shake It


IGN – 8.4/10: “Wario Land: Shake It! is a great new platformer with truly old-school ideals. So if you grew up playing and loving the classics, rest assured that you will love this game, too. It’s got its share of modest shortcomings. It’s not very innovative — you’ve seen all this before in other platformers.”

Gameplayer – 7/10: “It’s a solid enough production, but whether it’s worth paying full price to experience is something each of you need to decide for yourselves. Speaking personally, we’re inclined to offer you some cheap arse Wario-esque advice, wait until it hits a more discounted price and check it out then”

MetaCritic Score: 78/100

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    You’ve got to visit this site:

    Awesome ad for this game! I loved it.

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    Hmm, think I may have to get this game! Looks pretty good :D

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    Very impressive game this…

    Everyone needs to check out the Wario shaking your screen on YouTube. It’s absolutely brilliant.

    Do a quick search on google to see what I mean!!

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