Tenchu: Shadow Assasins Video Impresses And Disappoints

I’m weary whenever I hear of a game coming to the Nintendo Wii, by way of Ubisoft. They’re the poster child of the “hit-or-miss” trend, with some of their games being good on the Wii, along with the worst. The latest Tenchu video keeps following the same trend, as parts of it left me impressed with other scenes making me shake my head.

First, the gameplay looks to be quite involving and from the looks of it will incorporate many interesting motion control movements. All of the assassination animations were impressive, and had some engaging sound effects accompanying them. The graphics also looked crisp, and will hopefully be represented in 480p when the game launches.

What I was less than impressed with, were the characters and voice acting. If Ubisoft has any time left, they need to think about putting a little more voice work in. Ayama, the main character already annoys me and that’s only after watching a 1:22 clip. Also, the man she kills in the final scene is Japanese yet I hear a distinct British accent. The dialogue makes me think that it takes place in modern times, yet the outfits and setting look like feudal Japan. Very odd indeed.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Is Tenchu: Shadow Assasins a game that you’ve been waiting on for awhile?

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  • ilink72
    January 14, 2009 - 5:55 pm | Permalink

    It looks amazing for a Wii Game!

    The trailers is awesome!

    I saw you get a free bandana with game purchase on Gamestop!


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