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Top 5 WiiWare Games … So Far

There has been quite a bit of news regarding the world of WiiWare this week. There has been the release of the initial trailer for Eduardo: The Samurai Toaster. We also received confirmation of Hudson working on WiiWare’s first FPS title, Onslaught.

In light of all of this WiiWare news, I thought we would take a look at the best WiiWare games that have been released thus far. I reserve the right to bring this list back in the future, as more games are released. That is all, so now let’s get to it.

Top 5 WiiWare Games
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World of Goo Review (Guest Writer)

Many owners of the Wii game console have come to enjoy the ability to download titles made specifically for the system with a few clicks of the Wii Remote. Within moments, you are able to download a new game directly to your console and begin playing.

The folks at Nintendo have been uploading new titles to their online offerings from a variety of systems for months and the amount of Wii Ware titles continues to grow as well. For somewhere between five and ten dollars, gamers can add a new title to their game library that is both fun and affordable.

World of Goo is an excellent title developed for the Wii that requires planning, problem solving and manual dexterity to complete the challenges proposed to the player. Within the goo are little particles and microorganisms that are strung together to create structures and vessels to get objects from one place to another.

Many of the levels are extremely difficult and require players to think outside the box in order to complete them. For example, structures and goo are used together along with balloons to create vessels for microorganisms to make it to the next level. Sound difficult? For a relatively simple game, World of Goo is complex indeed.

Some levels are easier than others, and hints are left for players on notes left by “The Sign Painter.” As ambiguous as these notes are, some levels are easily completed after a few tries, while others take many more. Players must take a closer look at what this individual has to say if they want to be successful at the game.

In all, World of Goo is fun, challenging, and frustrating at times. The end result, however, is a game that requires snap thinking and decision making to continue moving forward. For less than ten dollars, the game is well worth the cost.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Nintendo Games Of All Time

I have a very unique distinction between beauty, and hotness. If you watched the new episode of The Office last night, Kevin makes a good explanation of the difference. As I was looking through past Top 5 lists, I noticed that I haven’t paid homage to the beautiful games of Nintendo’s past. Today is as good a day as ever to do so.

Judging beauty is one of the hardest things to do. With so many different opinions on what truly is beautiful, the old saying rings true; it is ‘in the eye of the beholder’. So, with doing this list I’ve tried to keep it simple and limit the criteria to three main factors: looks, style, and personality. It’s quite easy to have one of those traits, but to truly grasp all three is something special.

To give you a reference as to what I mean by beautiful, here’s a picture of Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr

Top 5 Most Beautiful Nintendo games Of all time
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My Sister Is Better Than Me At World Of Goo

Hopefully my sister doesn’t read this because she’s about to see some praise. I downloaded World Of Goo a couple of weeks ago. I loved the game, with its interesting take on the puzzle genre. I forgot about it when de Blob, and Wario Land came through Gamefly. I’m glad to see that my sister was keeping it warm for me.

Last night she had to have played atleast 2 hours of World of Goo, while I was playing around on my new PC. She’s definitely passed me in terms of completing the game, and I played a couple of the stages that she was going through. While watching her play, I noticed how good she had gotten at World of Goo. I was amazed. Not because she’s good at the game, but because I can admit that she’s better than me.

I can honestly say that she has never been better than me at anything, until now. I played a couple of stages that she had completed, and after a few tries I couldn’t beat them. Again, I was amazed. If you’re reading this sis, don’t get cocky. Give me a day or so, and you won’t even know the true power of the goo ball until I’m done.

Here’s a video of World of Goo if you haven’t played it yet.

So, are there people in your life that you’ve had to admit are better than you at a game? If so, does it irritate you as much as it does me?

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World Of Goo Is A Freakin Blast – First Impression

I think you can tell by the title of my post how I feel about World Of Goo. If the game keeps going like it is the in the first chapter, then you can expect a full review sometime this week. This is easily the most fun I’ve had with a Nintendo Wii, or any system for that matter in along time. Which is quite impressive as the game was created by two developers (dudes) out in San Francisco. You can visit their site here, for more info on their indie studio.

World Of Goo at its heart is a puzzle themed game, which has more soul and pizazz then you’ll see in any game of its genre. After you first load up World Of Goo, you’ll find the game is broken up into 5 chapters which encompass a loose but charming story for the ‘goo balls’. I’ve only gotten through the first chapter of the game so the story might grow on me even further when I write my full review.

Summarizing the gameplay of World Of Goo is a tricky undertaking. At its heart, World Of Goo is a pretty standard puzzler where you’re building your way from one point in the level to another. A standard level in World Of Goo will have you take your goo balls and connect them to one another to construct an apparatus that can be used to exit the stage. The ‘exit’ point for most of the stages is a pipe where all of the goo balls are trying to be sucked into. It might not sound interesting yet, but that’s because I haven’t talked about the physics engine that gives World Of Goo its life, and fun.

The physics engine that 2D Boy has been able to create for their charming puzzler is nothing short of extraordinary. I can say without doubt that World Of Goo has the best physics I’ve seen since Half Life 2. That’s saying a lot because HL2 is pretty much all about manipulating the environment and having it react accordingly. In World Of Goo this same concept is used but at much simpler level, but is still very engaging.
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World Of Goo Releases

Today marks a very important release for the WiiWare download service. A game that has gone under the radar; and I must admit given very little attention by WiiBlog is World of Goo. This title have a very creative, and inspired art style. What’s more is that it was created by only two developers.

Although it might have flew under the radar, I believe the hype train can start chugging along. IGN has already given the WiiWare download a 9.5 score on its site.

When the trailer first released, I thought it had a very unique and refreshing look about it. I can’t wait to get home, and get this game downloaded to finally try it out.