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Resident Evil: Archives Japanese Trailer

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the original Resident Evil was getting its second remake. Making it one of the only games I know to see a re-release on three separate consoles. After watching this trailer, and thinking back on all the great memories I had playing the game….I might just have to give this a chance again…

Damn they have me:


Monster Hunter 3 Footage – Looks Kind of Mean

If you’re not up on what’s popular in Japan, then more than likely you haven’t heard of Monster Hunter 3. The Monster Hunter series is arguably the greatest thing to happen to gaming in Japan in the past decade. It spurred a massive wave of PSP sales with Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2. God only knows what will happen when Monster Hunter 3 releases on the Wii. To give you an idea of how big it is in the land of the rising sun, here’s a good video to watch. It’s silly but it gives you an idea of the spirit behind the game.

New footage has been shown of Monster Hunter 3 that’s coming to the Wii. It’s looking impressive graphically, with solid gameplay as well. The only thing that left me puzzled is that the monsters you’re fighting aren’t doing anything. It makes it seem that you’re just some kind of asshole upsetting dinosaurs that are just trying to get a drink of water. Hey, aslong as it’s fun though…
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Wii Trailer

There’s been three official Ghostbusters trailers up until now, all of them showing off the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game. Now, with the fourth trailer we finally get to see the Ghostbusters in action on the Wii.

To be honest, I’m just as impressed with the graphics shown off in this trailer as I was with the first three. That’s saying alot


Punch-Out! On Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has some enourmous shoes to fill, with the leaving of Conan O’ Brian to take over Jay Leno’s spot in the late night arena. A good start is having Ice-T, Elmo, and Morgan Webb presenting Punch-Out! for a lineup.

Surprisingly I actually enjoyed this clip. Most of Jimmy Fallon’s work I can’t stand, but I think he’s found a good niche in the late night talk show world.

I laughed a few times during this clip, specifically with Elmo and Ice-T chatting it up. If you want to check out Punch-Out! in action then fast forward to the end of the clip. There’s a few things being shown off that we haven’t seen before. For instance, King Hippo’s intro movie which looks great. Also, towards the ‘very’ end they show how the breaks will look in between rounds.

Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Webb are Punch-Out! noobs by the way. *spoilers* You’re not supposed to punch King Hippo until he opens his mouth. Then he leaves an opening, and drops his shorts. Come on Morgan, you’re supposed to be an expert!



The Conduit Multiplayer Trailer

One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, The Conduit, keeps the goods coming for its awaiting fanbase. The multiplayer aspect of The Conduit is what so many gamers are anticipating the most. This trailer shows off some wild, kinetic multiplayer action. I nearly spilled my bowl of Cheerios watching. Not the Honey Nut kind, but the regular…they’re better for you.

Dare I say that I smell a ‘Goldeneye’ in our midst.


Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Videos…I’m Confused

I don’t think I’ve seen a publisher release videos like Square Enix has done with Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. Generally, a trailer will be created that splices in cutscenes, and gameplay to form a video that makes the game look much more fun than it actually is. Square Enix has gone a different route with Crystal Bearers. They’ve created videos showing off what I believe are clips that make the game look more boring than it will be.

What do you think? Boring, or is it just right of SE to let us know certain aspects of the game that won’t be action packed?

Guilty Pleasure — Ok, this one looks cool actually

Public Spectacle — It might be funny when we actually know what’s going on…for now it’s just confusing.

Delusions of Grandeur — Here is where you hire a narrator to let us know why this is awesome

Too Many Thrills — When I first saw this it was awesome..in fact it might make a nice snippet in a larger video

Ahead of the Pack — really?

Don’t Touch That Dial — Again, nice snippet for something much bigger

It’s Gonne Be a Long Night — Worthy title..I think that’s the longest clip they’ve offered.

If you want to view even more, you can visit the official Crystal Bearers webswite.