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Wii Music Videos – The Good and Bad

The Good -

This is the way the music should have sounded in Twilight Princess…only with a live orchestra

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News Videos

Nintendo Japanese Fall Conference – PUNCH OUT!

Last night consisted of me running around the house, hollering, fist pumping, and scaring my dog. All of these things were put into motion because of Nintendo’s Japanese Fall Conference. In case you couldn’t tell from the post title, my dream has come true. Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s look at the overall scope of the conference, and all of the announcements.

I’m not much of a ‘I told you so’ kind of person, but for the doubters, haters, and whiners that have done nothing but do those things since E3….Told You So. I’ve been saying “wait and see” ever since the end of E3.

I knew that Nintendo was smart enough to realize that E3 just isn’t “the” conference that it used to be. I think it was very business savvy for Nintendo to have their own conference to announce their huge news bombs. Ok, enough of my gloating, onto the news.
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Game Profiles

Wario Land: Shake It

Wario Land: Shake It

Description: Today marks the release of Wario’s second entry on the Nintendo Wii. In a traditional styled platforming game, Wario Land: Shake adds a few extras to keep the platforming fresh.

The biggest defining factor of the game is its unique graphical style. It’s in 2D but it looks absolutely amazing. The newest feature is the ability to shake items, and enemies as you progress through the game.

Published: Nintendo
Developed: Good Feel
Release Date: 09/22/08

Wario Land: Shake It
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Games Trailers

Disaster: Day Of Crisis Trailer (New)

The more I see for Disaster: Day of Crisis, the more I anxiously await its release. 24 meets global warming, with a japanese style animation; just tell me where to sign up. This latest trailer just adds even more to the hype machine for me.

Announcements Game Profiles

WiiBlog Game Profiles Debut

Today I’m pleased to announce a new feature for WiiBlog.net. The Game Profiles page is up now, which from now on will be updated daily. Sometimes twice daily.

I like to think that WiiBlog is all about the games. Yea, sometimes I’ll go on rants about politicians out to get games. Or I’ll voice my concerns about “hardcore” gamers not showing any love to the Nintendo Wii. For the most part though I like to think it’s all about the games.
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