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Nintendo Announces First Set Of Tracks For Wii Music

I haven’t seen a game get quite a polarizing reaction as Wii Music. After E3, and the horrid debacle of watching Nintendo execs butcher the Super Mario Bros. theme song, many were left skeptical. Then when we found out that the game wouldn’t feature any kind of point or grade system, even more heads were scratched. So what’s the point of the game?

Miyamoto addressed these questions in typical, but loving Shigi fashion. He told us that the point of Wii Music isn’t to compete, or gain points but to gain an appreciation of music. He wants to give people the exoteric feeling of playing an instrument. He also said that there would skill involved, and that instead of points, the game keeps up with the rhythm of your instrument playing. Which might be the reason why all those Nintendo execs sucked so bad.

Whatever your view is towards Wii Music, it’s no doubt that it’s going to push some sales. Whether it will have Wii Fit type numbers remains to be seen. So whatever your opinion, here’s the track list for Wii Music:

My Grandfather’s ClockKen Hirai

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart

Ode to JoyFriedrich Schiller

Super Mario Brothers Theme

The Legend of Zelda

Animal Crossing Wild World

That’s a fairly odd track list indeed. I do like that Nintendo is branching out to try and include different genres for their track list. Seeing as there is supposed to be 50+ tracks with Wii Music, this is just the beginning.

What are your overall thoughts on Wii Music? Purchase? Rent? A game to play when you’re too drunk to care? Feel free to post your thoughts.