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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles ‘Train’ Video

Ok, so I’m still fuming over the news of Fatal Frame and it not coming to North America. One game that I’m for sure will be playable sometime this year is Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. According to this video, I’ll be able to try to outrun a train and dive out of the way at the last second. I don’t think I’ve been able to say that about a FF game before.

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Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

In 2009, there’s at least one first party franchise that will see a Wii release, with Punch-Out!. Its been since the SNES days that we’ve seen a new Punch-Out!, but with the Wii it seemed like perfect time to bring it back. There are still games, and franchises out there that still scream for continuance. This list is the games, or franchises that I think are most worthy of a return.

Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

5. Splatterhouse

During the heyday of the horror movie genre in the mid-late 80’s, it’s hard to imagine a 16-bit game could be just as unsettling as something you’d see in a theater. Splatterhouse was that impressive though, and some of the images and enemies are still squirmishly delightful to this day.

How Did Namco Not Get Sued For Styling Rick Like A Jason Voorhees Knock-Off?
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Dragon Quest X Exclusively On Nintendo Wii

Dragon Quest X

I remember a time when Nintendo, and Square were holding hands with not a care in the world. It seemed like the good times would never end. Super Mario RPG looked to be just the beginning of the stellar relationship between Square and Nintendo. Then something awful happened. The relationship went flat, and Sony became the house that Square, now Square Enix would reside in.

The relationship seems to be making a comeback, as Square Enix is looking to get pretty busy with Nintendo games. They released Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS recently. We’ve gotten an announcement of a new Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game.

The latest news bombshell is that Dragon Quest X will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii exclusively. This is a bold move by Square Enix, as the last couple of Dragon Quest games have seen release on the Playstation, and Playstation 2. Dragon Quest has an interesting history of jumping from console to console. It started on the NES, made it to the Super Famicom (Japan only), then to the Gameboy Color, went to Playstation and Playstation 2, and is now back on the Nintendo DS (Dragon Quest IX), and Nintendo Wii (Dragon Quest X).

Dragon Quest, believe it or not precedes Final Fantasy which many North American RPG fans seem to gravitate to. The art style of Dragon Quest has changed, but the core gameplay elements have been close to unchanged since its beginning. Most of the hardcore Dragon Quest fans love this trend, while many critics turn their nose at repetitiveness. To me this will be the most interesting aspect of Dragon Quest’s transition to the Nintendo Wii. Will they add motion controls? Will they somehow add the silliness of importing your Mii’s into the game? There’s already been talks of SE adding functionality between Dragon Quest IX on the DS, and Dragon Quest X on the Nintendo Wii.

We’ll have to wait a while before we get answers to these questions. Until then, let me hear from you. Have you played any of the Dragon Quest games before? If so, what do you find so great about the series compared to other RPG franchises? Would adding motion controls to the series bring new life, or just take away from its classic gameplay style?

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time; Double Cross Platform?

Most of the time when a game promises to go ‘cross platform’, the end results tend to feel uninspired. Animal Crossing was the exception as it has a wonderful cross platform feature, that pretty much added a whole other aspect to the gameplay. Square Enix looks to build on that idea, when it launches what I consider a double cross platform feature.

When you think of a console-handheld cross platform system, you tend to think that the handheld portion is just some kind of cool add-on to the console gameplay. With FFCC: Echoes of Time that thought looks to be changing. Calling it a ‘Double Cross Platform’ may sound misleading but I could think of no other way to call it. The game itself will be released on both Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii, so you’re going to have to get really invested if you want to experience the cross platform features.

The first cross platform feature utilizes more of the DS, and puts the Nintendo Wii as the helping hand. When you boot up your copy of FFCC: Echoes of Time you’ll have the option to import Miis to your DS. I’m a little skeptical of this feature, with the main question being, How are they going to integrate a Nintendo Mii into a FFCC RPG?

The second feature was announced by Kotaku this morning. This feature sounds much more useful, though still questionable. Not only will FFCC: Echoes of Time have merely cross platform features, you’ll be able to play the game with someone utilizing the DS, while you or someone else plays on the Wii. Square Enix is able to pull this off using what’s called the Pollux Engine. What happens, is that the DS version of the game is ported to the Wii. The screen size will shrink, and there will be a border surrounding the gameplay screen, much like Wario Land if you play it using 16:9 settings. I’m a bit skeptical to see how this will prove useful, and why you wouldn’t just want to with someone else directly on the Wii.

Since there have been few details, I’ll remain open minded. Let’s hope some big questions get answered when TGS hits starts.