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Han Solo As Indiana Jones in — Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Are you as confused as I was when I wrote out that title? Well, as hard as it is to believe, Han Solo will be making an appearance in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. Granted it’s just a different skin, but still. As mama always said — ‘That just ain’t natural’.

To view the entire Han Solo action in its entirety, check out the video. Below are some screenshots of the unholy union of Han Solo and a whip/six shooter.

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Han Solo Indiana Jones Han Solo Indiana Jones Han Solo Indiana Jones

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(My) MyTego Custom Green Lantern Skin

Around a week ago I mentioned an electronic skinning service called MyTego. It’s a site that provides the means to customize the exterior of your electronic devices. MyTego was kind enough to let me give the service a try, and I came away quite impressed.

You can choose to use one of their pre-made designs, or import images of your own. In honor of the Blackest Night series coming out this summer, I decided to do a Green Lantern design. Below are photos of the results; I’m very pleased with how it turned out and easily recommend their service if you’re wanting to customize your Wii.

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Green Lantern Skin Top Green Lantern Skin Top Green Lantern Skin Top Green Lantern Skin Top


MyTego – Customize Your Wii

If you’re someone who loves to customize your gadget’s exterior, including your Nintendo Wii then take a look at MyTego.com. It’s a skin customization site that has many different devices available to choose from.

If you’re wanting to skin a Wii, you can choose to just skin one side or do a complete wrap around. MyTego provides their own images but you can upload your images to use as well.

They’ve graciously allowed me to try the service out. When my skin does come in I’ll post pictures to show you the outcome. I’ll be counting the days until my Green Lantern customized Wii is sitting on my shelf.

Here’s an example of a Mario Kart skinned Wii:

Mario Kart MyTego