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New Punch-Out! Character Officially Announced… Piston Hondo?

Piston Hondo

To use a wonderful southern American term…Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute! You might be saying, ‘I’ve seen that guy somewhere before’. If you’ve played the original Punch Out! on NES, you might see a slight resamblance to a character named Piston Honda.

Hell, even on Nintendo’s official Punch-Out! site they have Piston Hondo’s first appearance being on the original Punch-Out! There hasn’t been any official word as to why they changed the name. My initial guess is that the juggernaut Japanese car manufacturer Honda might have been a reason. That’s just speculating on my part though.
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Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Videos…I’m Confused

I don’t think I’ve seen a publisher release videos like Square Enix has done with Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. Generally, a trailer will be created that splices in cutscenes, and gameplay to form a video that makes the game look much more fun than it actually is. Square Enix has gone a different route with Crystal Bearers. They’ve created videos showing off what I believe are clips that make the game look more boring than it will be.

What do you think? Boring, or is it just right of SE to let us know certain aspects of the game that won’t be action packed?

Guilty Pleasure — Ok, this one looks cool actually

Public Spectacle — It might be funny when we actually know what’s going on…for now it’s just confusing.

Delusions of Grandeur — Here is where you hire a narrator to let us know why this is awesome

Too Many Thrills — When I first saw this it was awesome..in fact it might make a nice snippet in a larger video

Ahead of the Pack — really?

Don’t Touch That Dial — Again, nice snippet for something much bigger

It’s Gonne Be a Long Night — Worthy title..I think that’s the longest clip they’ve offered.

If you want to view even more, you can visit the official Crystal Bearers webswite.

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Rune Factory Frontier – Official Site and English Trailer

Rune Factory: Frontier

One game series that I’ve been a hardcore fanboy over throughout the years has been Harvest Moon. As a fanboy, I’m generally blinded to the fact that most Harvest Moon games are rehashes of previous titles. For those who wear the rose-tinted glasses like I do, it’s time to admit it. Since Harvest Moon 64, has the series really seen an earth shattering change to its formula?

With the semi-new Rune Factory series, we are potentially seeing the jump start that the Harvest Moon franchise needs. If you’re puzzled; Rune Factory is an offshoot of the Harvest Moon games that saw two releases on the Nintendo DS. Adding to the farming sim style of play, Rune Factory inserted another layer to the game based on dungeon crawling, and monster battling. Now, we only have a couple of weeks to go before its third release, Rune Factory: Frontier on the Nintendo Wii.

I admit that I haven’t played either of the Rune Factory games on the DS yet. They seem to be the game that I always want to buy, but for some reason I end up purchasing something else. Hence, leading to me not playing either of the games. However, I’m dedicated to picking up Rune Factory: Frontier on March 17th.

There have been a couple of major updates for the title. First, the official english Rune Factory: Frontier website is up, and available for viewing. After perusing the site, I came away very impressed. As someone with web design roots, I’m always happy to see a company take time to create a nice, and informative website based around their game. Unlike Winter, whos developer thought Front Page would be a good choice for making a professional site.

There’s plenty of info to check out on the site. It seems most of the Harvest Moon mainstays are intact (farming, romance). While the addition of monster battling, and raising seems like an intriguing addition to the gameplay formula. It’s also looking to be the first Harvest Moon game I’ve played that will tie-in heavily to a story. Here is a synopsis of the background story of Rune Factory: Frontier —

A familiar face in an unknown land…

In search of a missing girl, our hero stumbles upon the frontier town of Trampoli. Here he finds the object of his search but his task doesn’t end there. In this mysterious town inhabited by spirits called Runeys and shadowed by a gigantic flying whale island, he must start life anew.

Farmer, explorer, warrior…

In this idyllic setting our hero can pursue various trades (farming, forging, crafting, cooking, etc.), explore the town and the floating island above, or seek out adventure in the dungeons. Over time the town will grow, as do the number of inhabitants. Shopkeepers, farmers, tavern masters, and craftsmen; all are ready to be our hero’s friends, enemies, and maybe more. However, trouble in the sky above soon interrupts our hero’s new life. What is this ominous power that threatens such a peaceful town? How will he protect his friends, his love and the village that has become his home…”

Here’s the first english trailer to be released, which shows off some more of the gameplay and story elements of Rune Factory: Frontier…

So, any other Harvest Moon fans out there? What’s the last Harvest Moon game that you’ve played and been addicted to? Have I been missing out on an awesome game with Rune Factory for the DS? If so, can’t wait until March 17th for my first play through.

[Thanks to: Ranchstory]