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Live Action Samus Aran is Glorious

Metroid: Other M has been available since August and I showed this to a friend who had never even seen it. So if you never have, it features a live-action Samus Aran and its actress is a dead-ringer.

The music track used is a Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”, which suits the mood of the video with emotional crescendos. Simply one of the silkiest TV spots ever.

Stay tuned for some first impressions of the game right here on WiiBlog.

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Top 5 Nintendo Character Designs

Before today’s Top 5 I want to send a shout out to Red Fly Studios. They featured me on the front page of their site for their upcoming game, Mushroom Men. Just wanted to say thanks for the notice, and I really can’t wait until November 11th for the game to come out.

Now that the pleasantries are over, I’m going to ask something of you for today’s Top 5 list. I want you to clear your head of any knowledge you have of past Nintendo characters. I know it’s a hard feat, but today’s list requires it. I want you to clear your mind of any idle fanboy trappings about your favorite characters. The reason I bring this is up, is today’s Top 5 list is the best character designs in Nintendo history. Notice, it’s not “Top 5 Characters” but just the designs, and how each have left their mark on the gaming world. Today’s list was actually inspired by the crazy character design that Mushroom Men has in their upcoming game. Ok, I’ve done enough sucking up today, so let’s get to the list…
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