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Wii Remote MotionPlus – So, When Is It Coming Out?

You have to love it when a company releasing a popular product won’t let its fans know when it’s coming out. Even if the rabid fanbase is going insane with impatience. That’s when you start hearing the rumor mill heating up, and the latest comes from a picture over at GoNintendo.

It was taken by one of their readers and it projects the release of Wii MotionPlus, and Wii Sports Resort to be July 10th. The picture is at the bottom of the post. It looks authentic; although misprints and misinformation aren’t uncommon in the retail world.

This of course led to a recent Nintendo reaction. Here’s a quote from Eurogamer, “Nintendo has told Eurogamer that July release dates for MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort are “purely rumour and speculation”

Reggie Fils-Aime also piped up at GDC, claiming that the MotionPlus technology was still on track for a Spring 09 release.

I know we all like to create stirs in the world of video game journalism, but I’m going with Nintendo on this one. They’re generally very up front, and honest with the media. If Reggie says Spring 09, that’s who I’m trusting. Not a picture of a piece of paper taken by some random video game store release list. Of course, that doesn’t make the speculating any less fun though… ;)

Wii MotionPlus release date


Punch-Out! Release Date Confirmed…Sort Of

For those who are as excited for a Punch-Out! release as I am, now have a release date to get ecstatic about…


This isn’t 100% confirmed, as the only evidence we have to go by is Gamestop’s Punch-Out! page. There have been games in the past, that have had their release dates first announced by a Gamestop page, while others have had to be retracted. So take that for what you will.

Here’s a screenshot of the release date page. Damn you, Gamestop if you’re messing with me.

Punch Out Release Date

[via: GoNintendo]


Iwata Headlining GDC 2009, Rumors Begin Pouring In

The GDC (Game Developers Conference), has become “the” conference to keep an eye out for these past couple of years. As E3 slowly fades into the distance in terms of importance, other conferences specifically GDC have begun to absorb the limelight.

The past two years, Microsoft and Sony have delivered the keynotes at the GDC and now it’s Nintendo’s turn. During the keynotes of the past couple of years, a couple of renowned games were officially unveiled to the world. LittleBigPlanet and Gears of War 2.

Due to Sony, and Microsoft announcing their big projects, it’s being rumored Nintendo will be dropping a huge new bombshell on us. Will it be a new Zelda game? The Zelda announcement seems to be the major rumor that’s being speculated upon around the internet. The reason being is that the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was shown at the GDC, in 2006.

I’m not going to buy into the hype myself, as anything could really happen at the keynote this year. It could very well be a Zelda game. Or perhaps they’ll decide to show off a game that’s already been announced a little more in-depth (Punch-Out! perhaps?).

It’s always fun to imagine what could be, just don’t get your hopes up. Which, by viewing numerous forums and comments some people seem to be doing.


Mario & Sonic Heading To The Winter Olympics (Rumor)

Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics

It’s not a very subtle picture, in terms of giving clues to gamers about upcoming game releases. Nintendo Power has been notorious for this throughout the years, sprinkling hints of their releases in different issues.

This mag scan, is from the Spanish Nintendo magazine, Nintendo Acción (Nintendo Action). In the scan, it is speculated that Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics will be announced in the next issue of the magazine.

SegaNerds has provided a rough translation of the headline, “Who are these two and why do they come to see each other? Find out all the details on the mystery game in the next magazine. But before that, here are some clues: Games, Olympics, Cold, Its winter…”

Of course, it’s all speculation and rumors at this point but a Mario & Sonic continuation seems inevitable. It was a huge seller in the US, and was a Top 10 seller in the UK.

[via: GoNintendo]


Wii HD Coming In 2011?

The Nintendo Wii isn’t even fully 2 years old yet. Don’t tell that to What They Play who is reporting rumors that Nintendo is working on a successor to the Wii, which according to them is slated to release in 2011.

There have been very few vague details released about the new Wii system. The sources that What They Play provided had this to say, “While our sources are reluctant to be too specific about “Wii HD,” they have been able to divulge some (albeit predictable) generalizations. High definition visuals are assured, as is a greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content, indicating that the new system will feature some form of local storage medium such as a hard drive or large flash memory solution. It has also been indicated that Nintendo’s emphasis is again on what the consumer will hold in their hands and interact with, rather than the “console” itself.”

What I find funny is that most of these speculated ideas is what gamers have been screaming for since the Wii was released. Probably their most credible claim is how much Nintendo’s spending has increased for their R&D department. In 2003 $34 million was spent on R&D, then in 2007, that number peaked at $370 million.

With Nintendo’s Media Summit coming tomorrow, there’s a very miniscule chance we’ll get some information. With the more substantial rumor that the new Nintendo DS is on its way, my money is on that being announced before “Wii HD”. It’s so miniscule I didn’t bother putting it in my Nintendo Media Summit rumor post.