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New Resident Evil On-Rails Shooter In The Works?

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

I’m starting to see a trend starting with the Wii that makes me quite uncomfortable. It started with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and House of the Dead: 1&2. Then House of the Dead: Overkill released, which is a game that I bought and love. After its release, the news was announced that a Dead Space on-rails shooter was in development. Now, we have another speculated ‘on-rails’ shooter coming our way. See the trend?

Famitsu has released an article, and pictures of an upcoming Resident Evil game; Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. What isn’t completely known is what genre the game will actually be. Capcom hasn’t made an official statement yet, so until then it’s all speculation. Considering the word ‘chronicles’ is in the title, there’s more than a good chance it is an on-rails shooter.

Let’s just hope we don’t get another arcade shooter. I’m already sick of typing ‘on-rails’.

[via: Joystiq]

Top 5 Scariest Nintendo Games Of All Time

Happy Halloween everybody. I have a fun game for all you party-goers, and costume wearers. Take a poll of how many Joker costumes you see at your parties this year and report back. For me this Halloween will be boring; a little bag snatching, movie watching…..sad isn’t it?

Anyway enough about my lust for candy, and Jeepers Creepers, let’s get to today’s Top 5 list. It shouldn’t be a surprise that on Halloween we’ll be taking a look at the scariest games to ever grace a Nintendo console. Last week was all about gore, but this week it’s all about the scares. Those two don’t necessarily go hand and hand, so Here…….we…….GO.

Top 5 Scariest Nintendo Games
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Top 5 Greatest Gory Games Of All Time

Today’s Top 5 list comes with perfect timing, considering the MadWorld cover art has been released. Also, with Halloween just around the corner. So today we are going to celebrate the great gore that we’ve seen throughout the years on Nintendo consoles. Considering Nintendo has had pretty strict censorship in the past with gore, today’s list might be a challenge.

Top 5 Greatest Gory Games Of All Time
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