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Yet Another Training Video For Punch-Out!

The first video in the viral series released by Nintendo was more of a instructional movie. This is a mockumentary of the fall, and soon to be rise of Little Mac.

Is it just me or does that guy look like a younger Oscar De La Hoya?


Train Your Punch-Out! Moves With The Real Doc Louis

I knew he was out there. The real Doc Louis that’s represented in the games. This movie, on top of giving a chuckle or dos, actually shows you how the game will be played when it comes out….

Just a week to go!

News screenshots

Punch-Out! Twitter Page Information

Twitter is a service that I use on a professional level, but don’t touch with a 10 foot pole in my personal life. I try to keep an eye on all the important video game industry Twitter accounts, but one alluded me until now.

Punch-Out! has an official Twitter Page, but if you didn’t know about WVBA you’d probably not know it was there. Come on guys, you have to get the word out about it better than that. Here’s some interesting tweets, and exclusive photos you’ll find if you check out their page.

— New to the WVBA Circuit is Title Defense Mode. But be careful; your foes have been training and might not have the same weaknesses as before

— Check out these exclusive shots of King Hippo, Disco Kid and recently announced fighter, Don Flamenco

(Click To Enlarge)
Disco Kid King Hippo Don Flamenco

— It’s confirmed: Piston Hondo is currently training in Tokyo and Great Tiger is back, tougher than ever


Hilarious Von Kaiser and Glass Joe Punch-Out! Footage

I never really put a voice to Von Kaiser in the original Punch-Out! It seems to fit though. I’m loving how Punch-Out! isn’t pulling any punches with their regional stereotypes. If anything, they’re adding to them. Because nothing’s quite as funny as Glass Joe bleeding bagettes, and Von Kaiser speaking loud German.
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How Will Multiplayer Perform On Punch-Out! ? (Plus Screenshots)


I know you’re probably tired of me writing about Punch-Out! I’d apologize but to tell the truth I’m not sorry. I’m so excited for a new Punch-Out! experience that I’m willing to shout it from the rooftops at this point…

Nintendo has released five new screenshots, all of them showing off some multiplayer action. If you’d like to view the screenshots, and not read about my pondering of multiplayer Punch-Out! then scroll to the bottom.

When I heard that Punch-Out! would be receiving a multiplayer mode, I wasn’t completely surprised by it. It’s no secret that the Wii is probably the most used console for local multiplayer (Wii Sports, Rock Band, Wario Ware etc..). It’s odd that with the announcement of this new mode, that we haven’t heard many details about it. If you read numerous previews online, hardly any mention has been given to Punch-Out!’s multiplayer. Did Next Level Games just tack it on to try and appease gamers who won’t buy anything unless it’s multiplayer? Or will a dedicated, and fleshed out mode show itself when we box another?

I was reading ‘For the love of…Punch-Out!’ by Dave Cook, which is a great read about what made the original Punch-Out! so great. Everything from the idea of taking Little Mac as an underdog to champion. The puzzle like gameplay style of figuring out the timing of your opponents attacks. The over the top style of the boxers you had to take on, and how over powering they seemed as you progressed through the game. So, how could all of that spirit translate to the multiplayer portion of the game?

I think we can throw out the first, and third point I made in the previous paragraph. Unless a huge announcement is made regarding multiplayer, I highly doubt that there’ll be an underdog feel to multiplayer. Unless the person you’re playing against repeatedly kicks your ass. There really won’t be much in the way of style, considering the only boxer you can use is Little Mac (unless some more information shows itself). Of course you will have the ability to turn into Giga Mac, but regardless you’re still ‘Mac’.

Although I don’t think they’ll be able to capture many aspects of Punch-Out!, the puzzle like gameplay will be quite interesting. In the traditional puzzle genre, the idea pitting two players against one another was a tiny revolution in style. If anyone remembers the hectic gameplay sessions of Tetris Attack back in the day, then you know what I’m talking about.

I think that same spirit can be captured in multiplayer Punch-Out! If you’ve ever played a fighting, or boxing game then you know that many people have patterns they use for strategy. This has the potential to add an element that Punch-Out! has never had; change. Fighting against a human opponent will add an unpredictable nature to Punch-Out! that I believe will be quite a bit of fresh air. Depending on if they change the speed of gameplay, or do too much with Giga Mac this could end up changing things up more than needed.

The proof will be in the pudding though, and unfortunately we still have a few weeks before the pudding comes out. Oh well, you can still enjoy the screenshots below.

(Click To Enlarge)
Punch-Out! screen 1 Punch-Out! screen 2 Punch-Out! screen 2 Punch-Out! screen 2 Punch-Out! screen 2

News Rumors

Toys R Us Spills Beans On Secret Punch-Out! Mode *Spoilers*

The news just keeps pouring in for the upcoming release of Punch-Out! Today’s nugget of info comes from a leak on the Toys R Us website. Apparently, they’re privvy to information about a secret mode that will be available once you beat the game…Title Defense Mode.

Here’s the excerpt from the Toys R Us’ Punch-Out! description:

” And, once players guide Little Mac to the championship in the single player game, they must defend the title in challenge matches against Mac’s fallen foes, who return to the ring with all new tactics, having learned from their defeats. “

The more I hear about Punch-Out!, the more my obsession with its release grows larger. For Punch-Out! fans, today is a good day to be a Toys R Us kids.