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Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Not Coming Stateside

Nintendo or Tecmo just made a little bit of my soul die…

*sigh*, I always hate to be the bearer of bad news folks. For those who were under the assumption that Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse would be coming to the US, should set yourself up for disappointment. The series that produced the scariest game of all time, for me (Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly), won’t be receiving a Wii continuation in the states. This is coming from a Tecmo rep who spoke with IGN. He/she had this to say…

“Nintendo holds the publishing rights to ‘Fatal Frame Wii,’ which was developed by Tecmo LTD. and Grasshopper Manufacture and released in Japan on July 31, 2008. Nintendo of America has since then decided not to publish the title in North America – consequently, the title will not be released in this territory. As the owner of the IP, Tecmo feels very unfortunate that the fans of the series in North America will not have a chance to play the game, but respects the final decision made by Nintendo of America.”

Ha, I have no respect for the decision. If you read my blog, you know I don’t throw statements like that wildly.

The statement made by the Tecmo rep goes against a statement made by Reggie Fils-Aime to MTV Multiplayer. He stated that Nintendo didn’t have publishing rights for the game in the states. So, apparently no one knows what is going on. That or someone does know and doesn’t want to admit the truth.

Either way, we’re all screwed out of an experience that could be a blast on the Wii. The gameplay style of Fatal Frame is pretty much made for the Wii. I’m generally not one for petitions, but if anyone does start one I’ll be happy to sign. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Maybe, whoever does own the publishing rights will wise up and get it done, or perhaps sell the rights to someone that will.


Winter Being Noticed By Publishers

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Super Bowl weekend, and enjoyed the game. If not, hopefully you enjoyed the commercials (Dorito’s Crystal Ball To The Groin FTW!). Now that it’s Monday, I have some good news to share which has me feeling iffy at the same time.

Winter, is a game that IGN debuted to the public awhile back. IGN interviewed the President of n-Space, and Creative Director of Winter, also showing off some video footage of the survival horror. The game footage had me quite excited, as I’m a sucker for a good survival horror.

Unfortunately, the game couldn’t come to be as Winter was going through some struggles. n-Space was having a hard time finding a publisher to release the title to the mass market. According to the interview, no publisher wanted to take a chance on a survival horror title for the Nintendo Wii.

This news then led to an outcry from gamers who wanted to see the game released. When an online outcry begins, a petition is then soon to follow. Many gamers from around the world signed the petition, and according to GoNintendo many publishers are starting to take notice.

GoNintendo, received this quote from Dan O’Leary, “The interest in and support of Winter has been amazing to witness. The whole thing has meant a lot to the team. The internet is so full of haters that it’s really refreshing to see all the positive response and the petition is quite amazing in itself.

We have had some new and revived interest from publishers for the title, but it’s not something we’ve aggressively pursued just yet. n-Space is currently in the midst of closing three titles – 7 skus plus localizations – so we’re pretty swamped right now. We’ll start some more aggressive follow-up in the near future. I suspect we will have some interesting conversations.”

So, there you have it folks, Winter might have some life in it yet. I hate to be a stickler, but I have some problems with the whole way this Winter story has gone down. First, I’m still wary of n-Space’s dedication to their products because of their Front Page looking website. Second, as I mentioned in my first post about Winter, ‘why is this the first time I’m ever hearing about this game?’. Even though they’ve apparently been trying to sell it to a publisher for nearly two years.

The latest bit of information that has confused me is n-Space’s reaction to the petition. They claim they’re excited, and have gained some interest from publishers. The reason they aren’t trying to progress forward is because they’re closing three titles, and setting seven others up for localization. Yet, looking around various gaming site databases I can’t find even one of these games. If a game is coming close to being finished (“closed”), you’d figure we’d have heard something about it.

The whole way n-Space has gone about their Winter project has me baffled. It worries me at the same time as I really want to see Winter released. Hopefully, all my worries are nothing and eventually we’ll see a Winter release.

News Videos

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Needs Developer To Make Game

It’s been along while since there’s been any news to report on Peekaboo Pole Dancing’s idea to bring a Nintendo Wii pole dancing game into fruition. The last time I heard anything about the game was back in May, when for some reason I talked about becoming a pole dancer myself.

I like to think I’ve grown up since then, and have moved on from my pole dancing aspirations. I still hold a special place in my heart for the art form known as pole dancing. Which is why I’m saddened by the latest reports from Peekaboo.

According to a MTV Multiplayer report, Peekaboo is having trouble finding someone to develop and publish the game. I know that you’re as shocked, and flabbergasted as I am.
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Sega To Publish The Conduit

Odd fit, might be the phrase you’re searching for. Or perhaps Sega seems like a good fit for High Voltage’s anticipated FPS. Would like to hear back on your thoughts. Here’s the press release for the official announcement.

SEGA to Publish Highly Anticipated Wii Title in Spring 2009

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® of Europe Ltd. today announced a worldwide partnership with High Voltage Software to publish and distribute the Wii™ home video game system-exclusive title, The Conduit. The first-person shooter garnered multiple awards at E3 2008, including Best Wii Game by GameTrailers and three awards from IGN: Best Shooting Game (Wii), Best Graphics Technology (Wii) and Best Overall Wii Game. The Conduit is a stunning, futuristic title powered by a new game engine technology that delivers remarkable visuals and effects, as well as a rich interactive experience that is unlike any other title on the Wii.

“The Conduit is one of the most talked-about Wii games this year and High Voltage Software has only scratched the surface of the game in terms of what they have shown so far,” says Simon Jeffery, President of SEGA of America, Inc. “They have proven that graphical and technological innovation can be exciting to the Wii market, and SEGA is thrilled to partner with a team that truly shares our belief in the Wii’s gaming potential beyond the casual market.”

“High Voltage Software’s partnership with SEGA to publish The Conduit represents an important milestone for this studio,” said Kerry Ganofsky, CEO and founder of High Voltage Software, Inc. “SEGA shares our vision for the title and its tremendous potential, which is why we chose them from a long list of potential partners. With their support, we are confident that The Conduit will deliver the definitive shooter experience that Wii fans have been waiting for.”

The Conduit takes players into a dark story in Washington D.C. after a vicious alien invasion has rocked the country. An organization called the Trust has sent in Secret Service agent, Mr. Ford, to go up against the insect-like alien race known as “The Drudge.” Armed with an array of futuristic weaponry and an intelligence-gathering device simply called the “All-Seeing Eye,” players follow an intricate storyline filled with conspiracy, shady government activity and terrifying aliens.

The Conduit’s detailed control system allows players to customize and configure look sensitivity, turning speed, the dead zone and much more. As players delve further into the mystery behind the extraterrestrial invasion, shocking details reveal that the invasion may have been brought on with help from the government itself.

Powered by High Voltage Software’s groundbreaking Quantum 3 engine, The Conduit ensures that players will experience single and multiplayer gameplay with graphical fidelity never seen before on the Wii. The Conduit will also support the recently announced Wii Speak peripheral, allowing online multiplayer gamers the ability to chat as they destroy aliens in each terrifying level. Additionally, the game will take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus for optimal control.

Game Profiles

The Conduit

The Conduit

Description: This highly anticipated FPS, will follow the exploits of a Secret Service agent, Ford. He must uncover the mystery behind a recent alien invasion. High Voltage has really been going to work, trying to get coverage of The Conduit out to the masses.

The game has already won numerous conference awards, for Best Upcoming game, and Best of Show; for various conferences. The game so far looks to push the technological capabilities of the Wii. High Voltage has already said that the game will feature 16 player online play.

Published by: ???
Developed by: High Voltage Software
Release Date: Q1 2009


WiiBlog: “So, the next title we have to look forward to for delivering the next great FPS is The Conduit. The game has been under the watchful eye of gamers for awhile now. Most of the attention is being steered towards High Voltage’s Quantum 3 which is being heralded for pushing the Wii to its’ limits.”

IGN: “The Conduit looks better than the majority of Wii games on the market thanks to High Voltage’s dedication to taking advantage of the hardware — a novelty, unfortunately, since few other third-parties bother. The game sports a very crisp, clean look complemented by a host of graphical effects, from dramatic real-time lighting and particles to bump- and normal-mapped objects. Characters animate fluidly.”

1UP.com: “The Conduit also demonstrated a desire to distance itself from being labeled a traditional fire-and-forget Doom-style shooter through its use of an in-game piece of alien technology called the All-Seeing Eye (ASE). In one segment, the device was used to detect potentially dangerous land mines. In another, the ASE was used to solve an otherwise invisible puzzle on a nondescript wall to gain access to other areas of the game.”

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