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Animal Crossing: City Folk Not Good Enough For Australia?

Before reporting this bit of gaming news, let me first say I love Australia. Everyone I’ve met from Australia has been amazing to hangout. But man, do they have a wacky entertainment rating board (lookup the Fallout 3 banning), and on top of that whoever made this most recent decision should know it really perplexes me.

Australia will not be receiving Animal Crossing: City Folk like the grand ol’ U. S of A. Our brothers/sisters from down under will instead be getting Animal Cross: Let’s Go To The City. No one, including myself is sure if Australia doesn’t use the word “folk”, or if Let’s Go To The City is more child friendly.

Whatever the reason, someone down there needs the Crocodile Dundee hex.
Crocodile Dundee

(via: GoNintendo)

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Mega Man 9 Gets Release Date (Japan)

Ok, so North America or Europe still has no absolute release date, but the fact that Japan has a release date is great news. Mark your calendars down for September 24th if you live in the land of rising sun, because Mega Man 9 will be available to you for 1000 Wii points.

With little translation work needing to be done (yay, no voice acting), it wouldn’t be crazy to think we’d get the game the following Monday. It’s all speculation at this point, but the fact that Japan has a release has me licking my lips in anticipation.

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