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Video: Hospitals Using Wii For Rehabilitation

I know that hearing about the Nintendo Wii being used for rehabilitation isn’t anything new. While I had read numerous accounts of it on the internet, this is the first video that I saw on ‘Wiihabilitation’. Seeing some of the patients in action is much more powerful than just reading on it.

Glad to see video games being featured in some news. Other than the numerous reports of teenager violence; where the direct cause always comes back to the teen owning Grand Theft Auto.

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The Conduit Might Utilize Friend Codes

Well most of the online console gamers let out a big sigh of agony when this news dropped. It looks like The Conduit will make use of friend codes when the game comes out early next year.

The news took place during a Nintendo podcast, when two of The Conduit developers stated that the game would “probably” utilize friend codes. Here is a direct quote from the podcast…

“Ahhh, the infamous friend codes. Ummm, what I can announce on that is we are working very closely with Nintendo. Ummm, we’re looking at some possiblilities and some options. If we have to use Friend Codes, which, you know we probably will, I will just say that and make that admission right now, but we’re going to make it as streamlined and as fast as..

I’ve never understood the hatred of the dreaded “friend codes” that so many people speak out against. I might be doing my online gaming different than most, but when I go online to play someone, it’s not to make friends. I’ve never felt the urge to add anyone to my friend list after numerous racing sessions on Mario Kart: Wii. My actual friends; I do have their friend codes submitted to my system but it’s always taken around 2-3 minutes to put them in. It’s not a hour affair to input 16 numbers onto a number pad.

In all fairness, friend codes might be more of a hassle for The Conduit than other Nintendo Wii games because of Clans, and more focus on team play. Before The Conduit, can anyone name me a game where friend codes really mattered all that much in terms of going online and having fun with said game?

[via: WiiHD]

Game Profiles

The Conduit

The Conduit

Description: This highly anticipated FPS, will follow the exploits of a Secret Service agent, Ford. He must uncover the mystery behind a recent alien invasion. High Voltage has really been going to work, trying to get coverage of The Conduit out to the masses.

The game has already won numerous conference awards, for Best Upcoming game, and Best of Show; for various conferences. The game so far looks to push the technological capabilities of the Wii. High Voltage has already said that the game will feature 16 player online play.

Published by: ???
Developed by: High Voltage Software
Release Date: Q1 2009


WiiBlog: “So, the next title we have to look forward to for delivering the next great FPS is The Conduit. The game has been under the watchful eye of gamers for awhile now. Most of the attention is being steered towards High Voltage’s Quantum 3 which is being heralded for pushing the Wii to its’ limits.”

IGN: “The Conduit looks better than the majority of Wii games on the market thanks to High Voltage’s dedication to taking advantage of the hardware — a novelty, unfortunately, since few other third-parties bother. The game sports a very crisp, clean look complemented by a host of graphical effects, from dramatic real-time lighting and particles to bump- and normal-mapped objects. Characters animate fluidly.”

1UP.com: “The Conduit also demonstrated a desire to distance itself from being labeled a traditional fire-and-forget Doom-style shooter through its use of an in-game piece of alien technology called the All-Seeing Eye (ASE). In one segment, the device was used to detect potentially dangerous land mines. In another, the ASE was used to solve an otherwise invisible puzzle on a nondescript wall to gain access to other areas of the game.”

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