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Red Steel 2 Pre-Order Up On Gamestop

If you really can’t wait until we’re closer to 11/24/09 to make sure you’ll own Red Steel 2, you should know the pre-order is up on Gamestop.

This is of course good news, but a mystery comes along with pre-order. What does MP mean? To be more precise, what does Red Steel 2 MP mean? A leaked rumor that Red Steel perhaps has multi-player??…I wouldn’t start jumping for joy just yet.

Red Steel 2 pre-order

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The Conduit ‘Conspiracy’ Trailer

Generally the weekends are quite slow for video game news. Which is great cause I can just enjoy doing what I love on the weekends, without a care in the world. Of course there are exceptions, and the release of the latest The Conduit trailer is one of them.

As the entire Wii owning world waits in anticipation of The Conduit release, we’re all scrambling for any preview material to get our hands on. The latest Conduit trailer has me even more excited the previously. We finally get to hear Agent Ford’s voice, I was beginning to wonder if he was going to speak at all. Also, we learn of a ‘conspiracy’ that will take place in the game.



Who Has Changed? — Nintendo Or The Gamers?

I strolled into the office today, just wanting to get through the day so that Thanksgiving could finally get here. Turkey was/is calling my name…..That was until I read this little “gem” by Matt Casamassina of IGN. I have respected IGN’s views towards the Wii, until now.

The article is titled, “Editorial: Has Nintendo Lost the Hardcore Gamer?” Oh, boy. If you’re a frequent reader of WiiBlog, then you’ve more than likely read my views towards the media created, and fueled dichotomy of ‘hardcore vs. casual’. I expect there to be a fighting game based on this long, blog commenting, editorializing whine-fest that “core” gamers and the media have carved out these past couple of years. Just like I expressed in my past post, it’s just about all I can take anymore. I’m just about to give up on gaming media altogether and just enjoy games for what they truly are. Not what the online gaming media world makes them out to be.
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Top 5

Top 5 News Headlines In Nintendo History

This week history was made in the United States of America. Although people might disagree on politics there’s no denying the historical significance of the election.

People lined up in various places around the country to snag a newspaper with the headlines about Obama’s victory. In lieu of this event, I figured we’d take a look at the Top 5 News Headlines that have occured in the history of Nintendo. They aren’t actual newspaper headlines, but just pieces of news that Nintendo has dropped on its fans throughout the years.

Top 5 News Headlines
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Release Dates

Mushroom Men delayed 3 Weeks

Well today marks a new era in the history of the United States of America. The president-elect Barack Obama has been decided upon, and the country can now begin to heal. I extend my congratulations to Obama and all of the people who went out and voted yesterday. In another four years we’ll be able to exercise that right again.

Ok, enough with politics let’s get to the gaming news.

Gamecock, the publisher of the much anticipated Mushroom Men has delayed the release of the title for 3 weeks. No reason has been given as to why they delayed game, but atleast they gave us screenshots to hold us over.

Mushroom Men Screen 1
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