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Nintendo Wii USB Microphone Ruins Spirit Of Karaoke

Color me old fashioned, but I thought the whole reason that you karaoke’d was so that others could hear you. There’s a truce between the singer, and the audience that quality isn’t likely to show up for these performances. Mostly, because everyone involved is drunk.

This is why this latest USB microphone for the Nintendo Wii has me so puzzled. I’m guessing it’s for Wii karaoke games, but it ‘silences’ your voice?? Have a gander at the pics below; maybe you can tell me what its use on the Wii could be.

Nintendo Wii USB Microphone

and with all the spit that’s bound to land on the mic, you’ll need to keep it washed as well…

Nintendo Wii USB Microphone Wash

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Marble Saga: Kororinpa Video Preview

Alright, the moment that I’m sure everyone has been waiting for, the first ever WiiBlog.net Video Preview. I’ve decided to grace you with my video presence, which I’m hoping you’ll enjoy.

For the first video preview, we’ll be taking a look at a demo of Marble Saga: Kororinpa that Hudson Soft sent to me. I’m pretty impressed with the game, never having played Marble Mania before.

Making the video has made me realize how country I sound on a microphone, coupled with how loud I am. So, anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully it will be the first of many to come.