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Great Nintendo Commercials From Yester-Year

Commercials and advertisements are something that we tend to grumble over (Just get 24 back on so I can watch Jack Bauer save us from nuclear holocaust!!). Until they’re about 2-3 years old, then we can look back at the good ol’ days. The WHASSUPP!! commercials..ahhh..give me those times again. Ok, not really but here are some great Nintendo commercials chronicling how the company has grown through the years in terms of advertisement.

Thanks to Gameplayer.com.au for doing the hard work in finding these classics…
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Nintendo vs. The Hardcore …. *sigh*

If the video game world were boxing, then March 09 would be a round that you’d want to forget. Nearly every system took a dive in sales. Software sales were down. The doomsayers in the analyst world see this as prelude for things to come. While those who actually have a clue as to what’s going on, know that March 2008 is the reason that March 2009 saw decreasing numbers. Big releases March 2008: Grand Theft Auto IV and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Big releases March 2009: MadWorld and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

March 2008
GTA IV: 3.6 million units sold (first day)
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 1.4 million units in first week (fastest selling game in Nintendo history)

March 2009
MadWorld: 66,000 units sold (first month)
GTA Chinatown Wars: 68,611 units sold (first week…sales are growing though)

Hmmm…two big releases from some of the most storied franchises in gaming vs. an obscure 6-7 hour long beat-em-up and a re-imagined GTA game using a style that was out before GTA III. What do you think is going to push more software and hardware sales? Also, GTA: Chinatown Wars sales figures are growing. Maybe, no one thought it was going to be any good when it first came out.

Some blame Nintendo for not releasing enough core titles, even though the most storied Nintendo franchises have already seen a release. With my favorite franchise getting a release in May.

There’re some video game writers that blame gamers for the awful month of March. Wow, really? You think gamers should buy games they don’t want just to support some mythological, journalism fueled fight between “hardcore and casual”? I can’t speak for GTA: Chinatown Wars but I can speak for MadWorld. As someone who’s loved games since 1989; games of all genres and systems I’ll give you this advice…rent it. MadWorld can be beaten in just over 6 hours. Why spend $50 on a game that you can spend $3-5 on and still receive the same amount of enjoyment? To support some make believe idealogy?

It really is almost getting to the point that I’m ashamed to call myself a gamer. This new market of gamers that are fueling the industry at the moment; and all we can do is huddle in our corner. Surrounding ourselves with Final Fantasy discs/cartidges, and a blow up doll imaged as Link of Hyrule. Instead we should be embracing this new market. They might just surprise you given the chance. Newcomers have to start somewhere, why don’t you recommend a title to them instead of cursing them from a distance for somehow ‘ruining’ your hobby.

This weekend, my mom read a comic book trade for the first time. It was the Origin story of Wolverine. She absolutely loved it (mostly for its colonial setting, and art style). Still, my mom … reading an entire series of comics, and enjoying it should prove that anything is possible. So, get out there and start showing off the games you love to people who might not know any better. They might just end up enjoying them, and who knows…maybe March 2010 will blow 08 out of the water.

As a silver lining, Nintendo’s stocks have dipped considerably and are perfect to snatch up at the moment. Thanks to Kotaku for the tip.


Death Race Scene With Mario Kart Music

I haven’t seen Death Race yet, and probably will be awhile before I do. If someone does the entire movie laid over with nothing but a Mario Kart soundtrack and sound effects; like Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon then I’ll probably watch it as soon as possible.

There’s a large amount of videos going up today. I could call it a video extravaganza…but I won’t.


Super Mario Speaks Out Against Drugs

According to Cpt. Lou Albano’s Mario, you can go to hell before you die.If you do drugs

I miss the days when stuff like this could be said on a kid’s show.

Press Releases

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics (Official)

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

Earlier this week, WiiBlog reported on an ‘unofficial’ announcement of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics. You can now turn the switch to ‘official’. SEGA has released a website, featuring a debut trailer, and has issued a press release.

Mario & Sonic, snowboarding, and balance board compatibility? I’m down…

TOKYO (February 12, 2009) – SEGA® Corporation and Nintendo Co., Ltd today announced that two of the biggest video game heroes, Mario™ and Sonic™, will be coming together again, this time taking their rivalry to the snow and ice in another officially licensed Olympic-themed smash hit Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games™. Heading to stores late in 2009 on the Wii™ home video game system and Nintendo DS™, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will take players to Vancouver, Canada, host city of the official 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This gaming experience invites players of all ages and skill sets to face-off in some of the most intense winter competitions available for the Nintendo platforms.

Developed by SEGA of Japan, under the guidance of Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will take players to lifelike Olympic venues where they can choose from a legendary cast of playable characters, including new faces to the series to be revealed later this year. Following the phenomenal worldwide popularity of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, this fresh gaming experience will feature completely new Olympic Winter Games events from the official competition schedule including Alpine Skiing and Speed Skating with more events announced throughout the year.

Tailored to the specific system controls, Nintendo DS and Wii gamers will enjoy completely unique experiences thanks to each platform having its own specific gameplay features and modes. Players of all skill levels will enjoy the intuitive controls of both the Wii and Nintendo DS systems, in both single and multiplayer gaming modes. The Wii game will offer an even richer multiplayer experience offering co-op and competitive gameplay where the Nintendo DS brings an intense competitive element using the Nintendo DS wireless capabilities. Additionally, one of the new features to be found in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is the inclusion of the Wii Balance Boardâ„¢ which can be used in some events featured in the Wii version, allowing for a more interactive and realistic gaming experience.

Published by SEGA® across Europe and North America, and published by Nintendo in the Japanese market, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is again licensed through a worldwide partnership with International Sports Multimedia (ISM), the exclusive interactive entertainment software licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“We are extremely happy to again team up with Nintendo and ISM on what promises to be another global success.” says Naoya Tsurumi, CEO, SEGA of America and SEGA Europe. “Sonic will partner with Mario once more beneath the spotlight of the legendary Olympic Games. Together they will face new athletic challenges that will provide gamers with more of the exciting experiences unique to this series.”

”SEGA has been a valued publishing partner of Nintendo for many years and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is the ultimate representation of that relationship,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and COO, Nintendo of America. “We look for this game to continue the tradition its predecessor started by bringing new events, new characters, and new gameplay experiences to fans worldwide.”

“To once again have Mario and Sonic and friends compete in Olympic sports and events in a winter setting is tremendously exciting for the Olympic Movement and the millions of gamers worldwide who enjoyed the characters’ previous match up”, says Raymond Goldsmith, Chairman & CEO of ISM.


Mario & Sonic Going To The Winter Olympics (Vancouver)

Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics

For the millions around the world that enjoyed playing the olympic events, in the smash-hit Mario & Sonic: At The Olympics should be excited. It’s been officially announced that a sequel will be released. Is anyone really surprised?

It’s really interesting to see how the success of Mario & Sonic: At The Olympics was shaped during its reign. The game sold well everywhere around the world, but really found its love in the UK. The Wii & DS version of Mario & Sonic: At The Olympics sold 1.2 million copies going into June 2008. It was also #5 on the Top 10 video game sales list for 2008, in the UK. SEGA has estimated that the title has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

All of this news of success has led to the ‘unofficial’ announcement of a Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics title. Dennis Kim, director licensing of SEGA did everything but come out and say “we’re making it” with this statement, “Last year, 2008, they had a very successful game using Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Games, as well as a multi-sport simulation type of game…That is what is being discussed and planned for Vancouver. We are feeling optimistic about sales because of the Beijing experience.”

So, there you have it. For those who were getting super excited about another Mario & Sonic olympic title can rest easy. I’m guessing that the game will be releasing early next year, or late this year as the Olympic games begin in February.

I’m pretty excited for this game actually. I’ll admit that I haven’t played the Mario & Sonic: Summer Olympics game, but that’s because I’m not really into the summer olympics. I try to watch the events, but beyond synchronized swimming I find most of the events dull. The winter olympics is a whole other beast though, as I enjoy most of the events. Specifically, bobsledding and hockey.

I think that the winter olympics make for a much more enjoyable gaming experience. You already have skiing, and snowboarding games so you know the recipe for success. Of course until we get a list of events, it’s all speculation as to what SEGA decides to include in the game. It will definitely be interesting to see if SEGA decides to add wheelchair curling to the mix.

[via: CVG]