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Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

In 2009, there’s at least one first party franchise that will see a Wii release, with Punch-Out!. Its been since the SNES days that we’ve seen a new Punch-Out!, but with the Wii it seemed like perfect time to bring it back. There are still games, and franchises out there that still scream for continuance. This list is the games, or franchises that I think are most worthy of a return.

Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

5. Splatterhouse

During the heyday of the horror movie genre in the mid-late 80’s, it’s hard to imagine a 16-bit game could be just as unsettling as something you’d see in a theater. Splatterhouse was that impressive though, and some of the images and enemies are still squirmishly delightful to this day.

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