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Punch-Out! Features List (Rumor)

Punch-Out! Logo

As I was reading this long list of Punch-Out! features I wasn’t sure whether to report this as news or rumor. The information comes from a site called NintendoDpad. They seem legit enough, but they don’t cite any sourcres for their information. Still, it sounds true enough and looks like Punch-Out! will provide a deeper experience than originally anticipated.

Here are some of the key features they mention:

– 3 challenges per boxer which if exacuted will reward you with unlockables

– “Alot” of unlockables including characters, ring environments, victory animations and music, among others

– Unlike other Punch-Out games you will have the ability to use all 3 stars at once, doing so will unleash the triple star spinning uppercut. Think about it as the equal to the Dragon Punch from Street Fighter

– The challenges will be in Exhibition mode. You will have 3 bonues in each fight ranging in difficulty.

– If you lose 100 times you will earn the training helmet which makes you invulnerable

– Here is the BIGGIE, after you beat the game there is a special mode that you will unlock. Nintendo is hush hush about this secret.

If you’d like to read the entire list, click the link below:

NintendodPad Punch-Out! Launch Center

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Top 5 WiiWare Games … So Far

There has been quite a bit of news regarding the world of WiiWare this week. There has been the release of the initial trailer for Eduardo: The Samurai Toaster. We also received confirmation of Hudson working on WiiWare’s first FPS title, Onslaught.

In light of all of this WiiWare news, I thought we would take a look at the best WiiWare games that have been released thus far. I reserve the right to bring this list back in the future, as more games are released. That is all, so now let’s get to it.

Top 5 WiiWare Games
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Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

In 2009, there’s at least one first party franchise that will see a Wii release, with Punch-Out!. Its been since the SNES days that we’ve seen a new Punch-Out!, but with the Wii it seemed like perfect time to bring it back. There are still games, and franchises out there that still scream for continuance. This list is the games, or franchises that I think are most worthy of a return.

Top 5 Games/Franchises Deserving Of A Wii Continuation

5. Splatterhouse

During the heyday of the horror movie genre in the mid-late 80’s, it’s hard to imagine a 16-bit game could be just as unsettling as something you’d see in a theater. Splatterhouse was that impressive though, and some of the images and enemies are still squirmishly delightful to this day.

How Did Namco Not Get Sued For Styling Rick Like A Jason Voorhees Knock-Off?
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Wii Sports Is Now The Best Selling Game Ever

It’s cliche’ to say that ‘records are made to be broken’. When they do get broken, there isn’t much more to say other than that though. Unless an asterisk should accompany the new record holder. Just like Barry Bonds’ home run title in baseball, I believe that an asterisk should be placed next to Wii Sports.

I should preface the rest of this story by stating that the statistics for the current best selling game ever record was compiled by VGChartz. They might not provide “official” numbers, but it’s hard to argue that Wii Sports wouldn’t be the best selling game at the moment. The reason for putting an asterisk next to Wii Sports’ title is that it’s a game that comes bundled with the Nintendo Wii.

People aren’t going out to pick up Wii Sports because it’s a ‘must have’ game. Super Mario Bros. was #1 on the list, which came bundled with the NES later in the console’s life. The game was a stand-alone product for sometime before the bundle though. In most of the major territories, Wii Sports hasn’t been available to purchase through retail.

Super Mario Bros. was easily sitting at its #1 spot, with 40.24 million units sold. Wii Sports has now sold 40.54 million. I think the most impressive game in the Top 5, is the Pokemon Red / Green / Blue sitting at #3. All the other games in the Top 5 were console launch titles, or bundled with hardware. The Pokemon titles weren’t released until later in the Gameboy’s life span, and during its heyday wasn’t bundled.

Here’s the full Top 10 according to VGChartz:

1. Wii Sports 40.52 (million units sold)
2. Super Mario Bros. 40.24
3. Pokemon Red/Blue/Green 31.38
4. Tetris 30.26
5. Duck Hunt 28.31
6. Pokemon Gold/Silver 23.11
7. Nintendogs 21.37
8. Super Mario World 20.61
9. Wii Play 19.68
10. Super Mario Land 18.14

Nintendo holds the entire Top 10 to themselves. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the first game to appear on the list that isn’t a Nintendo game, which is at #11 with 17.61 million sold.

via: VGChartz

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Top 5 Disappointments Of 2008

I don’t necessarily like doing negative lists, but how can you appreciate the good if you don’t remember the bad? There has been a fair share of disappointing games, news, images in 2008. So, let’s get through this together, and I promise the lists for the rest of the year will be positive. It is the holidays after all.

Top 5 Nintendo Disappointments
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Top 5 News Headlines In Nintendo History

This week history was made in the United States of America. Although people might disagree on politics there’s no denying the historical significance of the election.

People lined up in various places around the country to snag a newspaper with the headlines about Obama’s victory. In lieu of this event, I figured we’d take a look at the Top 5 News Headlines that have occured in the history of Nintendo. They aren’t actual newspaper headlines, but just pieces of news that Nintendo has dropped on its fans throughout the years.

Top 5 News Headlines
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