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Monster Hunter 3 Footage – Looks Kind of Mean

If you’re not up on what’s popular in Japan, then more than likely you haven’t heard of Monster Hunter 3. The Monster Hunter series is arguably the greatest thing to happen to gaming in Japan in the past decade. It spurred a massive wave of PSP sales with Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2. God only knows what will happen when Monster Hunter 3 releases on the Wii. To give you an idea of how big it is in the land of the rising sun, here’s a good video to watch. It’s silly but it gives you an idea of the spirit behind the game.

New footage has been shown of Monster Hunter 3 that’s coming to the Wii. It’s looking impressive graphically, with solid gameplay as well. The only thing that left me puzzled is that the monsters you’re fighting aren’t doing anything. It makes it seem that you’re just some kind of asshole upsetting dinosaurs that are just trying to get a drink of water. Hey, aslong as it’s fun though…
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Goldeneye Glitch Sparks Massive Japanese Meme

Leave it to Japan to take a more than decade year old video game (Goldeneye N64), find a glitch in the game and create a meme based on it. Here are some of the videos. The Ronald McDonald one being the most creepy, and humorous.

In case you’re wondering, there isn’t a whole lot going on today in the land of the Wii. Yet.

Rune Factory: Frontier comes out tomorrow…. :)

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428 Trailer Gives Me A Headache

I’m going to have to take some Tylenol after watching this 428 trailer. Not because the trailer is in Japanese, but because even with the visuals and how long it seemed to drag on, I have no idea what it is about. Apparently, there’s a story that’s represented with real-life actors/actresses. I’m guessing that it’s going to be suspenseful based on the background music.

Even though I don’t know what it is, somehow I’m strangely intrigued by it.


Beautiful Fragile Trailers

Fragile is a game I’ve been keeping an eye on for quite some time now, September 2008 to be exact. Since September there have been very few details released about Fragile. That’s still the case, but there have been two new trailers that show off some of the game’s characters and perhaps some of the story. It’s all in Japanese though, so you’ll have to figure out what’s going on for yourself.

I still can’t pinpoint what I love about these trailers so much, but I think it’s the Japanese pop song that accompanies them. I might not understand the Japanese language, but there’s something so beautiful about it. Especially when a nice soothing voice is singing. read more »

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Mario Power Tennis: New Play Control! Trailer

One of Nintendo’s most controversial announcements last year was its ‘New Play Control’ series that would debut in 2009. If you haven’t heard of Nintendo’s new idea, let me give you the crash course. Nintendo has decided to re-release many of its Gamecube titles on the Nintendo Wii, adding Wii remote functionality, and perhaps other bells and whistles the Gamecube wasn’t capable of. Simple as that.

Of course the announcement was met with very skeptical views from many gamers. Many believed that this was Nintendo rehashing prior titles to make a quick buck, which in all fairness could be the case. I’m willing to stave off my conclusions, and wait to play some of these New Play Control titles.

I’m thinking that an announcement on the pricing structure would be nice, as I’ve looked through numerous articles but have yet to find the price of the remakes. I think if they release the games at $19.99, they have a chance of being successful.

There’s actually a few titles on the Gamecube that I think could make for some interesting remakes on the Wii. How about when the Metroid Prime remakes come out, adding some online multiplayer along with the Wii Remote controls? read more »


Punch-Out! Hoodie Is An Import “Must”

I can’t read a word of Japanese, or have any knowledge of yen-dollar conversion. That really doesn’t matter because no price can keep me away from this awesome Punch-Out! Hoodie. If you have read WiiBlog in the past, then you know of my love for Punch-Out! It’s easily the game I’m anticipating most in 2009, and I’m assuming is the reason for the release of this Hoodie.

Punch Out Hoodie

TheKingOfGames are the makers behind the Punch-Out! hoodies. I was worried after clicking on Kotaku’s link because it went to TheKingOfGames’ Japanese site. Luckily, they have an English site but they still have their products listed by Yen price. After running a quick conversion, I was able to find out that the hoodie costs $138.40. I wish I could say my Punch-Out! fanboy love has no price, but $138 is steep for any piece of clothing.

If you’re rolling in cash like Scrooge McDuck then I highly recommend a purchase. It comes with vintage, fingerless gloves to do your boxing workout right. How can you turn that down?

Punch Out Hoodie Gloves

[via: Kotaku]