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Evolution of MadWorld

It would be an understatement to say that MadWorld is one of the most anticipated games releasing this year on the Nintendo Wii. With the art style that Platinum Games is implementing, many are waiting to see if the black, white, and red motif turns out to work well. I say there’s a good chance it will.

If you’re really interested in the art direction that MadWorld took during its development, check out this blog. It’s from lead designer, Masaki Yamanaka; he explains how the evolution of the art behind ‘Jack’, the protagonist in MadWorld started and finally ended up with the character we’ll see in game.

Very interesting read if you’re into concept art, and art direction.

Early Jack

MadWorld Early Jack

Second Jack

MadWorld Second Jack

Final Jack

MadWorld Second Jack


Happy Holidays From MadWorld – Trailer

There’s nothing that screams ‘Merry Christmas’ like a video game trailer featuring impaling, smashing, and chainsaws. Sega just recently dropped a brand new MadWorld trailer, and it doesn’t disappoint. In Sega’s latest trailer, we gain a little more understanding of the game’s plot. Like it really needs one.

I’m not sure if I just didn’t do enough research before hand, but the trailer mentions the hero of the game’ s name for the first time. ‘Just Jack’. Pretty catchy.

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