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Indiana Jones: The Staff Of Kings Developer Movie

In this latest Indiana Jones: The Staff Of Kings developer video, we get to learn what’s going to be the largest aspect of the game….Indy’s whip. Matt Shell, lead developer sounds like he’s got some massive man love for Indy’s whip. So much that it sounds like the game might have too much whip.

Either way, the Indiana Jones theme song will always be cold lemonade on a summer’s day, overused whip or not…

Gameplay Videos Videos

Indiana Jones and The Staff Of Kings Gameplay Video

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the upcoming Indiana Jones release besides its initial announcement, I promise there’s a reason. When I saw the first screens of the game, I was so disgusted with the outcome I couldn’t bring myself to post them here.

Now, I’ve had time to cool down and actually check out the game in action. This video shows off some Indy like action, and the graphics look much improved from the screen I saw. Enjoy the video, just don’t get that song in your head like I have…