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Han Solo As Indiana Jones in — Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Are you as confused as I was when I wrote out that title? Well, as hard as it is to believe, Han Solo will be making an appearance in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. Granted it’s just a different skin, but still. As mama always said — ‘That just ain’t natural’.

To view the entire Han Solo action in its entirety, check out the video. Below are some screenshots of the unholy union of Han Solo and a whip/six shooter.

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Han Solo Indiana Jones Han Solo Indiana Jones Han Solo Indiana Jones

Gameplay Videos

Indiana Jones: The Staff Of Kings Developer Movie

In this latest Indiana Jones: The Staff Of Kings developer video, we get to learn what’s going to be the largest aspect of the game….Indy’s whip. Matt Shell, lead developer sounds like he’s got some massive man love for Indy’s whip. So much that it sounds like the game might have too much whip.

Either way, the Indiana Jones theme song will always be cold lemonade on a summer’s day, overused whip or not…

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Indiana Jones Coming To Wii (Almost Exclusively)

In the recent episode of South Park, I think the creators touched upon how most of us felt when we saw Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What had they done to our beloved hero? CGI gophers? Shia LaBeouf swinging on tree vines? Oh, why George Lucas? Why!?!

Now that the hurt and anguish has subsided, I was completely floored with the news of an impending Indiana Jones video game release. Not only was it announced, it will be releasing Q2 2009. It’s quite odd to say the least. First, the Nintendo Wii will have an exclusive console release, with the Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP getting handheld releases. Second, something as big as an Indiana Jones video game is only getting hyped up about 3-5 months before its supposed release.

This news could have one of two outcomes. Either A.) LucasArts is cashing in on the craze that is the Nintendo Wii, and combining that with the love most people have for Indiana Jones. -or- B.) LucasArts has had this planned for some time and has taken the effort to make a remarkable Indiana Jones video game. read more »