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Indiana Jones and The Staff Of Kings Gameplay Video

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the upcoming Indiana Jones release besides its initial announcement, I promise there’s a reason. When I saw the first screens of the game, I was so disgusted with the outcome I couldn’t bring myself to post them here.

Now, I’ve had time to cool down and actually check out the game in action. This video shows off some Indy like action, and the graphics look much improved from the screen I saw. Enjoy the video, just don’t get that song in your head like I have…

Gameplay Videos

Little King’s Story New Gameplay Trailer

In this new gameplay trailer for Little King’s Story we learn a couple of things. First, the people speak a language that I’ve never heard. Second, in order to bring a destitute kingdom into glory it requires one thing….Treasure Hunting!!!!

US economy experts, take notice…


Resident Evil: Archives Japanese Trailer

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the original Resident Evil was getting its second remake. Making it one of the only games I know to see a re-release on three separate consoles. After watching this trailer, and thinking back on all the great memories I had playing the game….I might just have to give this a chance again…

Damn they have me:


Hilarious Von Kaiser and Glass Joe Punch-Out! Footage

I never really put a voice to Von Kaiser in the original Punch-Out! It seems to fit though. I’m loving how Punch-Out! isn’t pulling any punches with their regional stereotypes. If anything, they’re adding to them. Because nothing’s quite as funny as Glass Joe bleeding bagettes, and Von Kaiser speaking loud German.
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Monster Hunter 3 Footage – Looks Kind of Mean

If you’re not up on what’s popular in Japan, then more than likely you haven’t heard of Monster Hunter 3. The Monster Hunter series is arguably the greatest thing to happen to gaming in Japan in the past decade. It spurred a massive wave of PSP sales with Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2. God only knows what will happen when Monster Hunter 3 releases on the Wii. To give you an idea of how big it is in the land of the rising sun, here’s a good video to watch. It’s silly but it gives you an idea of the spirit behind the game.

New footage has been shown of Monster Hunter 3 that’s coming to the Wii. It’s looking impressive graphically, with solid gameplay as well. The only thing that left me puzzled is that the monsters you’re fighting aren’t doing anything. It makes it seem that you’re just some kind of asshole upsetting dinosaurs that are just trying to get a drink of water. Hey, aslong as it’s fun though…
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Little King’s Story – Story Trailer

You know, for a ‘Story Trailer’ there really isn’t a whole lot of dialogue. In fact there’s not narration at all. Still, this game is looking very impressive. The trailer shows off what looks to be a good amount of activities to engage in.