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House of the Dead: Overkill Sets Guinness World Record

House of the Dead

If you’ve played House of the Dead: Overkill then you know that the game isn’t known for its poetic dialogue, or ground breaking story. In fact, both are something out of a 70’s camp horror movie. Of course, no 70’s horror movie had this much swearing in it.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2009, House of the Dead: Overkill has set the record for most swearing ever in a video game. The experts at Guinness counted 189 uses of the word fuck. If you take all the dialogue of the game and count out the f-word, you’ll see it’s used once per minute. Or a total of three percent of the entire script.

I’m wondering if they counted the songs that play during the menu. Those repeat, so how many times you hear fuck depends how long you decide to spend on the main menu.

Congrats to HotD:Overkill, SEGA, and Headstrong Games for releasing the most profane video game in the history of the media.

I’m sure they’re proud… ;)

[Source: Electronic Theatre]

First Impressions

House of the Dead: Overkill First Impressions

House of the Dead: Overkill

I’m not sure why video games and zombies go hand and hand together. Is it the feeling of shooting something in the head to kill it that appeals to gamers? Or is it easier to code AI for the undead that attracts developers? Well, the monsters in House of the Dead: Overkill are apparently mutants, so this discussion of zombies doesn’t matter anyway.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that was more deserving of its ‘M’ rated status than House of the Dead: Overkill. During its intro, which has a scantily clad stripper working a pole, you’ll find that House of the Dead: Overkill tries to go over the top and succeeds on nearly every level. On a side note, kudos to Headstrong Games for making the intro credits play in front of a hot stripper. I think it’s the only time I’ve never skipped a credit screen if given the option.

If you’ve seen any of the HotD: Overkill trailers then you know that Headstrong was going after the 70’s B movie horror feel when creating the game. After playing through the first three stages, it’s safe to say they pulled it off well. Everything in the game oozes with campy, horror movie flare. The menus have that gritty, old movie reel look with some hilarious music playing in the background. During my look around all of the menus, I found the aim calibration a little off. I had to move my sensor bar around, and make sure my Wii Zapper was at the right level to get my aim right. Kind of a nuisance.

So, the presentation, music, and stripper intro is nice, but what about the parts that really matter? As I mentioned before, I’ve played through the first three stages. Each stage starts with a cut scene, which all three have nearly went the same. Showing Detective Washington, and Agent G arguing about something, and throwing around f-bombs, like its going out of style. Actually in just the first three stages, I think House of the Dead: Overkill has set a record for most uses of the word f**k in a video game. It’s almost overused, even in the sense that the game is trying to be over the top. There’s a difference between being extreme and just being repetitive.

The story is simple so far, Agent G, and Detective Washington are after a sinister villain named Papa Caesar, who is turning all of Bayou City into crazed mutants. Not ‘zombies’, which Agent G refers to as the “z word”. The story is rather funny, and Papa Caesar fits in wonderfully as a crazed southerner villain.

The meat of the gameplay in House of the Dead: Overkill is a treat to play through. If you’re a fan of earlier installments of HotD, then you should know that Headstrong carries the torch very well. The on-rails experience provides an intense, fast paced gun show that will keep you well entertained. I’ve only played with the Wii Zapper control configuration, which works for the most part. The reload button, which is the ‘A’ button can feel a bit akward at first. You have to slide your finger up and around the zapper to reload, but becomes second nature after awhile. The difficulty has been balanced so far, as you can play a level with minimal mutants or add in more, for a greater challenge.

The levels have been varied so far, along with the mutants themselves. They repeat some, but keeps a good enough variety that it doesn’t repeat too often. The game is beautiful when it’s in motion, but during cutscenes and slower parts of the game some of the edges appear rough and not as polished as it could have been. The old school movie reel look makes its way from the menu into the actual gameplay which is a nice effect. My only gripe is that there have been a few glitches through my play through so far. During parts of the game when the camera has to swing around quickly, there’s hitches that slow the pace of the game down. I’m not sure if its the game just not being able to handle the speed, or if its my disc.

The audio, and voice acting so far has been a delight. I love the menu music, and the tracks for the stages have kept up well with the fast paced arcade gameplay. Detective Washington, and Agent G are voiced well, but I noticed that certain parts of cut scenes that Agent G slows down when talking. I’m not sure if this was on purpose, or if there’s a reason Agent G starts having to sound out his words.

HofD: Overkill looks to have a great amount of extras, and unlockables as you progress. There’s a Gun Shop where you can purchase up to 6 different weapons, if I remember correctly. On top of that you can upgrade your equipment, with cash you’ve earned by playing through the game. There are extras to look out for in the stages as well, with the golden brain, and slo-mo icon. The golden brain is just something to shoot for extra points, but the slo-mo cap is a nice feature. If you shoot the green icons that appear in the stage, everything slows down. It’s not an original element, but is pulled off really well. Everything from the stage’s music, mutants, even the dialogue slows to a crawl. Then, when it speeds back up is pulled off tightly.

From what I’ve played so far, I’d say that House of the Dead: Overkill is definitely worth a look. You have to enjoy arcade style on-rail shooters, and if you do then at least rent this game. The over the top style, is shown off with great flare and you can tell was handled with extra special care. The cursing might get old, not that I’m offended, it’s just overused even in the silly sense they’re shooting for. Beyond the small hitches in the framerate, HotD: Overkill runs smooth, and I’ve definitely been pleased with the purchase. Plus, did I mention there’s a stripper with a pole in the intro?