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Red Steel 2 Trailer

Well, that didn’t take very long. Just last week we were witness to the announcement of Red Steel 2. Now we have a trailer to get us all antsy for its release. It definitely does impress, but just exactly what is it?

The trailer leads you to assume that everything occurring on screen is gameplay footage. If it is, then we could have the prettiest Wii game ever coming our way Holiday 2009. My bet is that this is for the most part an interactive cutscene with pre-rendered graphics..

Let’s hope I’m wrong…enjoy the video.


Monster Hunter 3 Footage – Looks Kind of Mean

If you’re not up on what’s popular in Japan, then more than likely you haven’t heard of Monster Hunter 3. The Monster Hunter series is arguably the greatest thing to happen to gaming in Japan in the past decade. It spurred a massive wave of PSP sales with Monster Hunter Freedom and Monster Hunter Freedom 2. God only knows what will happen when Monster Hunter 3 releases on the Wii. To give you an idea of how big it is in the land of the rising sun, here’s a good video to watch. It’s silly but it gives you an idea of the spirit behind the game.

New footage has been shown of Monster Hunter 3 that’s coming to the Wii. It’s looking impressive graphically, with solid gameplay as well. The only thing that left me puzzled is that the monsters you’re fighting aren’t doing anything. It makes it seem that you’re just some kind of asshole upsetting dinosaurs that are just trying to get a drink of water. Hey, aslong as it’s fun though…
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Gameplay Videos

Rune Factory: Frontier Gameplay Footage

There’s always been one game series that I’ve been a sucker for, Harvest Moon. Whenever I talk to someone about the Harvest Moon franchise, I always have a hard time explaining why the games rock so much. When you tell someone that it’s a farming sim, with an option of finding a wife that doesn’t really turn a lot of heads. Of course, for those who have played the Harvest Moon series since the SNES know that it’s one of the most addicting experiences you’ll find in gaming.

The latest Harvest Moon game coming out isn’t even technically a ‘Harvest Moon’ title. Rune Factory got its start on the DS, as an unique twist to the farming life. Instead of just farming, and marrying this game brought some dungeon crawling, fighting, monster collecting, and really added a whole new way to play the Harvest Moon games. read more »


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Trailer)

The latest Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers’ trailer has left a mix of flavors in my mouth. First, the gameplay looks very intriguing, and action oriented. The graphics looks rather impressive, with some nice looking effects in the trailer.

What really left me puzzled was the decision on what music to play in the background. It sounds like some blues/jazz, which really has an odd feel to it.

But atleast it’s a trailer, and it actually shows off some gameplay footage.


Wii Remote – Television Bloopers

It’s no secret that many have broken their TV’s with haphazard Wii Remote usage. I’ve never really researched Wii Remote accidents to find how far the accidents have gone. I can’t say I was surprised at all the Nintendo Wii accident footage I found, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

While it’s easy to find pictures of Wii bloopers, finding video footage of the actual event is a bit more rare. Here are a couple of live bloopers I was able to find. The rest of the videos are all compilations of images. read more »