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Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Videos…I’m Confused

I don’t think I’ve seen a publisher release videos like Square Enix has done with Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. Generally, a trailer will be created that splices in cutscenes, and gameplay to form a video that makes the game look much more fun than it actually is. Square Enix has gone a different route with Crystal Bearers. They’ve created videos showing off what I believe are clips that make the game look more boring than it will be.

What do you think? Boring, or is it just right of SE to let us know certain aspects of the game that won’t be action packed?

Guilty Pleasure — Ok, this one looks cool actually

Public Spectacle — It might be funny when we actually know what’s going on…for now it’s just confusing.

Delusions of Grandeur — Here is where you hire a narrator to let us know why this is awesome

Too Many Thrills — When I first saw this it was awesome..in fact it might make a nice snippet in a larger video

Ahead of the Pack — really?

Don’t Touch That Dial — Again, nice snippet for something much bigger

It’s Gonne Be a Long Night — Worthy title..I think that’s the longest clip they’ve offered.

If you want to view even more, you can visit the official Crystal Bearers webswite.

Gameplay Videos

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles ‘Train’ Video

Ok, so I’m still fuming over the news of Fatal Frame and it not coming to North America. One game that I’m for sure will be playable sometime this year is Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. According to this video, I’ll be able to try to outrun a train and dive out of the way at the last second. I don’t think I’ve been able to say that about a FF game before.

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Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Site Opens

Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers

Those who are in wild anticipation for the upcoming Square Enix game, Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers should know the official site is now open. You should also know that there is hardly anything worth mentioning on the site at this point. For some reason the site designers thought we should know what time it is in places around the world. You know, instead of providing information about the game….

There is a trailer though and it looks amazing. Very unique gameplay style from what I saw. Click the link below to make a visit.

Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers site