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New Punch-Out! Trailer, and Reggie Fils-Aime Talks About Some Things

As May 18th draws nearer and nearer, my excitement for Punch-Out! grows stronger. I’ve got my pink sweatsuit ready, I’ve been jogging and trying to catch up to the person that stole my bike (kudos to who gets the reference). In this latest trailer from Gametrailers TV we find out a bit more about the game, and…..GIGA MAC!!

Also, on the weekly episode of GameTrailers TV, the host Geoff Keighly speaks with Reggie Fils-Aime about some things. Keighly grates on my nerves so I won’t post the vid. There really isn’t much to report. Keighly questions Fils-Aime about core titles releasing on the Wii..blah blah blah…What’s your reaction to the core market’s impatience towards your focus on the casual market….blah blah blah. Then they announced the trailer, and then we get to watch Reggie play some Punch-Out! Then at the very end Reggie states that everyone should be excited about some great things coming at E3. If you want to watch all of that click the link below. I like to think I summed it up well enough though.

GameTrailers TV Episode 208

IGN’s Nintendo Interview – Alot of Hype, No Answers

I really hate to criticize IGN. I’ve been visiting the site since around the late 90’s or as I refer to it the 56k days. Unfortunately, they’ve given me reasons to criticize with Matt Casassamina’s latest interview with Denise Kaigler, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America (bet she hates repeating that job title).

I’ve read many interviews throughout the years, and this one is basically a mixture of worthlessness and incredible spurts of sensationalism. I won’t get into the details of everything that’s mentioned, but I will talk about two key parts of the interview that left me scratching my head.

First, Matt starts out the interview talking about third party support for the Nintendo Wii. When you hear those thoughts put together, you could place a guranteed bet on what would come up next. ..

‘Why hasn’t M-Rated software been performing well on the Wii’?


The answer of course is just about as obvious as the question, and honestly I’m definitely with Kaigler on this one. She responds…

“When it comes to the games that are delivered to Nintendo platforms by our third-party partners, I would defer you to those companies”

Then a discussion ensues about success of third parties and having a broad audience on the Wii. Kaigler again backs up her view towards third parties’ responsibilities and their own success…

“We’re not saying that certain games can’t succeed on Wii. We want those games. We want people to bring those opportunities to us. So I opened up my answer to your question by saying talk to SEGA, talk to those guys.”

The third party chat isn’t what angered me about the interview, it’s when they began talking about the upcoming E3 conference. Matt went from not giving up on a question, to just wasting interview time. Pretty much every few paragraphs would end with him asking Kaigler about anything she could say about E3. I won’t bother quoting her, but the general answers were no comment, or just wait.

Then the big bomb dropped, and is where the sensationalism found in journalism today (ahh I rhymed) reared its ugly head. She finally reveals some information to Matt about E3. Here’s the couple of sentences I’m referring to…

“First of all, off the record, Matt, can we just shut that off for a second? I rarely do what I’m about to do with you,” she says.

Without delay, I push the pause buttons on my recording devices.

That’s when Kaigler tells me something so megatonian-huge that I dare not repeat it because it would simply blow your mind. You could not handle it, trust me, so don’t even think about it. Put it out of your mind, people.

All right, she doesn’t tell me anything of the sort. But I wish she did. Does that count? “

I think Matt was trying to be funny, but is he joking? Who knows. This of course will lead to some wild speculations brewing across the internet. I’m sure something big will happen at E3, but didn’t we kind of assume that already? Either way, this was very irresponsible journalism and it really disappointed me.

Such a waste of interview time. After your read through of the interview, what were your thoughts on it? Am I making too much of it, or did you find it to be useless and full of hype like I did?

Top 5 Disappointments Of 2008

I don’t necessarily like doing negative lists, but how can you appreciate the good if you don’t remember the bad? There has been a fair share of disappointing games, news, images in 2008. So, let’s get through this together, and I promise the lists for the rest of the year will be positive. It is the holidays after all.

Top 5 Nintendo Disappointments
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Nintendo Announces First Set Of Tracks For Wii Music

I haven’t seen a game get quite a polarizing reaction as Wii Music. After E3, and the horrid debacle of watching Nintendo execs butcher the Super Mario Bros. theme song, many were left skeptical. Then when we found out that the game wouldn’t feature any kind of point or grade system, even more heads were scratched. So what’s the point of the game?

Miyamoto addressed these questions in typical, but loving Shigi fashion. He told us that the point of Wii Music isn’t to compete, or gain points but to gain an appreciation of music. He wants to give people the exoteric feeling of playing an instrument. He also said that there would skill involved, and that instead of points, the game keeps up with the rhythm of your instrument playing. Which might be the reason why all those Nintendo execs sucked so bad.

Whatever your view is towards Wii Music, it’s no doubt that it’s going to push some sales. Whether it will have Wii Fit type numbers remains to be seen. So whatever your opinion, here’s the track list for Wii Music:

My Grandfather’s ClockKen Hirai

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart

Ode to JoyFriedrich Schiller

Super Mario Brothers Theme

The Legend of Zelda

Animal Crossing Wild World

That’s a fairly odd track list indeed. I do like that Nintendo is branching out to try and include different genres for their track list. Seeing as there is supposed to be 50+ tracks with Wii Music, this is just the beginning.

What are your overall thoughts on Wii Music? Purchase? Rent? A game to play when you’re too drunk to care? Feel free to post your thoughts.

Nintendo Holding Their Own Conference

Well it’s looking like my prediction that Nintendo was holding out information at E3 is credible. Here’s my statement made right after E3 if you don’t believe me:

“Most people that have been venting about Nintendo’s lack of “hardcore releases” has stemmed from Nintendo’s lack of presence at E3. To these people I say that I was disappointed myself when I saw no Punch Out, Kid Icarus or any other first party announcement besides Wii Music, and Animal Crossing. But I blame E3 for this, not Nintendo. E3 is but a shadow of what it used to be, and Nintendo knows that most hardcore gamers will be keeping an eye on the other gaming conferences. Perhaps Nintendo decided it was best to save some of their bigger news for a later time.”


While I did think Nintendo was holding out gaming information for a better conference, I never thought it would be their own. With all of the money they’ve earned in nearly two years, I’d say they have the funds to host their own show. This is a genius move by Nintendo. You don’t have to deal with competing for attention with the Xbox 360, or the PS3. All of the media that’s there is specifically there to see you. It might be a bit selfish, but all is fair in love and video games.

The Nintendo Conference will be held on October 2nd, and already people are talking about what could be announced. Brand new IPs on the horizon? Will we hear more about Day Of Crisis now that its’ release is upon us. I’m no psychic but this speculation smells of being a topic for Top 5 Friday.

What do you think we can expect to see out of Nintendo, at their conference? Wii Music, Animal Crossing, New IPs?

Source: (Gamekyo)