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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Trailer

I never played the Valhalla Knights series on the PSP, but after seeing the trailer for the upcoming Wii game I might have to. I’m highly impressed with how this trailer was pulled off. They showed some cutscenes, with gameplay footage mixed in. From what I could tell, it looks like a RPG/Dynasty Warriors type hybrid. I also liked that the main character will be fully customizable in terms of looks, and attributes. The more open-ended the better, I always say.

Enjoy the trailer.

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The Conduit Gets A Publisher (Rumor)

The Conduit is a game that pretty much the entire Wii owning crowd has been keeping up with since its announcement. Its received numerous awards for its E3 showing, including #3 on WiiBlog’s Top 5 2008 E3 Moments.

The latest rumors surfacing about The Conduit is that its developer High Voltage has snagged a publisher. What publishing company is the question that remains to be answered. Frank Caron, of Ars Technica visited The Conduit Booth at PAX 2008 (lucky bastard) and had a playthrough with Rob Nicholl’s one of the game’s designers.

When Nicholls was questioned about the game’s publisher he had this to say, “We’re not ready to officially announce anything, but things are in the works. Look for the word in the coming month.”
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