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Great Nintendo Commercials From Yester-Year

Commercials and advertisements are something that we tend to grumble over (Just get 24 back on so I can watch Jack Bauer save us from nuclear holocaust!!). Until they’re about 2-3 years old, then we can look back at the good ol’ days. The WHASSUPP!! commercials..ahhh..give me those times again. Ok, not really but here are some great Nintendo commercials chronicling how the company has grown through the years in terms of advertisement.

Thanks to Gameplayer.com.au for doing the hard work in finding these classics…
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Monster Hunter G Japan Ad

Why can’t we get crazy ads like this? Instead we get two annoying women playing Animal Crossing, and some posers sitting around fiddling with the DSi. Talking cats, and pigs FTW.

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Mario Power Tennis: New Play Control! Trailer

One of Nintendo’s most controversial announcements last year was its ‘New Play Control’ series that would debut in 2009. If you haven’t heard of Nintendo’s new idea, let me give you the crash course. Nintendo has decided to re-release many of its Gamecube titles on the Nintendo Wii, adding Wii remote functionality, and perhaps other bells and whistles the Gamecube wasn’t capable of. Simple as that.

Of course the announcement was met with very skeptical views from many gamers. Many believed that this was Nintendo rehashing prior titles to make a quick buck, which in all fairness could be the case. I’m willing to stave off my conclusions, and wait to play some of these New Play Control titles.

I’m thinking that an announcement on the pricing structure would be nice, as I’ve looked through numerous articles but have yet to find the price of the remakes. I think if they release the games at $19.99, they have a chance of being successful.

There’s actually a few titles on the Gamecube that I think could make for some interesting remakes on the Wii. How about when the Metroid Prime remakes come out, adding some online multiplayer along with the Wii Remote controls? read more »

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Top 5 Disappointments Of 2008

I don’t necessarily like doing negative lists, but how can you appreciate the good if you don’t remember the bad? There has been a fair share of disappointing games, news, images in 2008. So, let’s get through this together, and I promise the lists for the rest of the year will be positive. It is the holidays after all.

Top 5 Nintendo Disappointments
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Animal Crossing: City Folk Commercial (The Sequel)

Why must I be subject to these kind of things on a Monday? I’m coming off a great weekend that saw all kinds of zany escapades I can’t mention here. Now, being at the office I stumbled across this video about five minutes after sitting down.

I’ve already mentioned my disdain for Animal Crossing: City Folk’s first commercial. After the abysmal showing of the ad, I was at least safe in knowing that I would never have to see the commercial again. I was right, in a way. The original commercial might be off the air, or I know how it starts so I can switch channels. Now, Nintendo has gone and released a second commercial, which again makes me want to cry.

I will say that the second commercial is more bearable than the first. At least the gal pals this time are in the same room, and aren’t talking about sea shells over Wii Speak.

I think a saving grace for the second commercial is that I finally figured out what makes me hate the AC: City Folk ads so much. The ladies in both commercials talk about the game as if it’s ‘real life’. No gamer, I don’t care how casual or hardcore talks like that. I bet if you got a group of Hello Kitty: Island Adventure MMO players together even they wouldn’t talk about their game as if it was real life.

The ad does nothing but create a dumbed down, false representation of just about anyone that plays video games. Not to mention that in both commercials, everyone owns a house that is completely covered with glass window walls. I know of no one that owns a house like that.

Here’s the video. Have a brown vomit bag handy while viewing.

*EDIT* – For anyone who finds this commercial funny or appealing please comment. I want to understand who this commercial is trying to seek. Call it my own little social experiment.

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Animal Crossing: City Folk Advertisement…Huh?

Ok, Nintendo’s advertising campaign on the Wii has been dull but it hasn’t really crossed into stupidity. The two Japanese gentlemen that would go to various houses across the world telling people, “Wii (We) Would Like To Play” had an endearing charm to it.

The latest Animal Crossing: City Folk ad that I saw on Monday Night Football last night isn’t about anything. It isn’t charming, it isn’t funny, it really does nothing to show off Animal Crossing: City Folk. It’s just there. Two gal pals talk about shells, and fireworks in a 30 second spot that vaguely shows off Wii Speak. How does that attract anyone to the game?

I will admit that I wouldn’t mind holding hands with either ladies and watching fireworks fall under a night sky.