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Punch-Out! Rap – Purple Soda Popinski FTW!

There is only 5 days to go before the US will have Punch-Out! games adorning retail shelves. The Punch-Out! theme has been playing on loop in my head with each passing day. If you’re not down with Punch-Out! then you might want to steer clear of WiiBlog for the next week or so, because most of what’s going to be posted is going to be related to the upcoming game…

Take this Punch-Out! rap video for example:

Punch-Out Rap – Watch more Other Funny Stuff


Alec Baldwin Knows How To Shake Wii Remote

I always thought that Alec Baldwin was a master of comedy when he showed up on SNL. From ‘Schweaty Balls’, to ‘Canteen Boy’, Alec Baldwin is one of the greatest guests to headline the sketch comedy show.

Baldwin now has another classic in his répertoire. The ‘Wii Remote Shake’ skit. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but let’s just say Alec Baldwin is a master of the Wii Remote.

Oh, Alec Baldwin you are my hero.


There Will Be Brawl: Episode Two

A few months ago, a relatively unknown fan based video was released, There Will Be Brawl. If you haven’t watched the first episode, click on the link above.

There Will Be Brawl, is a dark comedy based on the Super Smash Bros. universe. Unlike most fan based creations, this series has some high quality production values and is definitely worth watching.

Squirtle water beam to the face…FTW.

*Warning* – The video contains some mature content. So don’t hit the play button if you’re easily offended.


There Will Be Brawl Returns January

ThereWillBeBrawl was a funny, dark take on the Super Smash Bros. franchise, which saw the release of one episode. I was wildly anticipating the second episode, and the series in general to see where it was going to go. Months passed, and I periodically checked in on the site to see if any updates had been made. Every effort was fruitless.

I felt that all hope was lost, and that the show had faded into the dark recesses of the internet. Today, my hope is vastly renewed as the show is far from over. In fact, luckily it looks like it’s just beginning. read more »


Backseat Gamer: Mario Kart Wii

WARNING: Excessive Language

This video is freaking hilarious. I’m like the guy sitting on the couch, only I rant and rave when I’m the one playing. I’m usually just laughing at others when I watch someone else play.