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New York Jets Cheerleader Reviews All Star Cheer Squad

When I first watched the video review, I was expecting complete humor and/or sexiness. I still got some sexiness, but dare I say she did a pretty good job reviewing the game. There’s no numeric value given but she points out some key features of the game, and how the motion controls work. The whole unnecessary mini-skirt was pretty hot, and funny considering it really wasn’t hiding anything.

Devise your own conclusions by checking it out yourself. Either way it’s safe to say we need more reviews done in this fashion…

This post in no way shows any support for the New York Jets. I hope they lose the east, for stealing my beloved Favre. That is all.

Game Profiles

Madden 09 All-Play

Madden 09 All-Play

Description: Madden 09 All-Play marks the twentieth anniversary of the Madden franchise. It’s the third iteration of Madden on the Nintendo Wii.

Madden 09 All-Play decided to put Brett Favre on the cover, marking one of the few times a retired player (or so we thought) was cover boy for Madden. To accompany Favre’s return, EA decided to give people the option of putting a custom sleeve into the game box, with Favre’s current team, the Jets.

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Tiburon
Release Date: August 12th, 2009

Madden 09 All Play Menu


WiiBlog – 7.5/10: “If Madden 09 All Play improved more on their older modes I’d probably be giving the game a higher score. With an unchanged Franchise, Superstar, and Online mode it’s hard to say that Madden 09 All Play is a whole lot different than Madden 07. If you think a somewhat more refined control scheme is reason enough, or the addition of Call Your Shot sounds cool then Madden 09 All Play is worth a buy.”

GameFocus – 8.1/10: “Madden NFL 09 All-Play is a far more complete gaming experience than its little brother NCAA 09 and I can easily say that it’s an improvement over last years’ version. The All-Play controls are definitely a good thing and graphics have been improved but sadly, nothing else really shines after that. ”

GamesRadar – 80/100: “Even so, Madden NFL 09 All Play is blazing an important trail to reintroduce lost football fans to the franchise. It’s an undeniably fun experience that will please many in its target audience, and even includes roster updates and online play. Not to mention we’re really starting to like a little waggle with our football. We may be old curmudgeons, but fun is fun, and Madden does a lot more right than not.”

MetaCritic Score: 82/100

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