Onslaught: First WiiWare FPS Game


Onslaught, not to be confused with the villain from the awful Marvel storyline is a FPS being released by Hudson Entertainment. Like most FPS’s, Onslaught will take place in a sci-fi setting, with a group of marines sent to investigate the mystery behind a missing space colony.

The story might sound contrived, but there are plenty of features about Onslaught that set it apart. This game will be the ‘first’ ever FPS to be released on WiiWare. It will be interesting to see how Hudson is able to keep the game at a relatively decent file size, while offering a complete package. Onslaught will also offer some online co-op with 4 players able to play through together.

There haven’t been a whole lot of gameplay details announced yet, other than the Wii Remote used to aim your guns. With the nunchuk being used to throw grenades.

I’m not completely excited about the game, but it will be interesting to see how Onslaught turns out. It would be quite a feat if Hudson is able to release a solid FPS on the WiiWare service.

Onslaught Screenshots

Onslaught Screenshot
Onslaught Screenshot Onslaught Screenshot


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    I’m getting pretty hyped here, if they do this well it will rock.. but i’m especially hoping for wiispeak support for obviuos reasons

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