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Bon Jovi + Final Fantasy = Head Exploding Awesomeness

Bon Jovi Square Enix

Square Enix has been known for some crazy antics throughout the years. Remember, this is the developer that made a Mario RPG become one of the greatest games of all time. Also, they created a series based on fusing the world of Final Fantasy and Disney together. Guess what, the series turned out to be amazing.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to hear that Square Enix will be tapping into the decade defying band Bon Jovi for their Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles japanese commercials. As crazy as it may sound. Square Enix has signed non-gaming musical talent before but generally it’s been Japanese pop stars providing their vocal talents to a title. So, when hearing Bon Jovi would be lending their talents for promotional work on the game it raised a few eyebrows in the gaming community.

Not surprisingly, Bon Jovi has a brand spanking new album coming out soon. It just so happens that the song being used for the Final Fantasy commercials is off their new album. There has been no official announcement if the Bon Jovi/Final Fantasy collaboration will make it’s way stateside. My crystal ball tells me it will though. Which might just make YouTube explode.

[via: Andriasang]

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Wii Balance Boards Being Looked Into For Airport Security

I can proudly admit that I have never flown on an airplane in my life. Everywhere I’ve been to in this world I’ve been able to drive myself or walk there. I’d rather not place my life in the hands of a single individual who may or may not have been drinking before takeoff. For all you frequent flyers, you might be interested to know that the Nintendo Wii Balance Board is being studied as an option for airport security.

I might not fly around on airplanes, but I have heard from others that security has been a real pain in the ass the past decade or so. A Homeland Security study is looking for more efficient ways to screen passengers to decrease hold times. One such method is studying ‘fidgeting’ of passengers using the Wii Balance Board.

If you’ve used a balance board then you know that it is quite astute at picking up minor shifts in weight. Apparently, researchers have noticed this and are seeing if it could help in searching for nervous passengers. Which, I’m guessing in turn would lead to finding people who are up to no good.

If you want to check out the rest of the study and other methods, click here.

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Epic Mickey Is (Officially) Revealed

Epic Mickey Magazine Cover

Of course while I’m on vacation some of the biggest news in Wii gaming is dropped. Game Informer officially announced the existence of Epic Mickey last week. There are no details to officially announce as of yet. As the weeks pass they will be releasing information and media concerning the game.

First is this interview with Warren Spector, the main director of Epic Mickey:

Warren Spector Epic Mickey Interview

The next piece of Epic Mickey awesomeness should be unleashed sometime today.

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Demo Play Has Two Seperate Descriptions

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I must admit that I had completely forgot about Demo Play, and it’s inclusion with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It seems that perhaps Nintendo forgot about the feature as well, because as it stands we have two different descriptions for the ‘help along’ system coming with the platform title.

During E3 earlier this year, Miyamoto spoke about Demo Play and how it would be implemented in New Super Mario Bros. Wii,

“In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if a player is experiencing an area of difficulty, this will allow them to clear troubled areas and take over when they’re ready” confirmed Miyamoto, through his translator. “And yes, we’re looking into this for future games, too”

This description is completely different from Nintendo’s official New Super Mario Bros. Wii page: “New Super Mario Bros. Wii is also the first Nintendo game to feature a dynamic help system, which allows you to access a mode showing how a level can be completed if you are stuck. The best thing about this mode is that you are free to jump into the action you’re watching on screen at any time!”

The logical reasoning is that Demo is exactly the same as when Miyamoto described it, he just talked about it differently. As it stands now though, no one is sure if Demo Play will take the game over for you or just show you what to do.

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Stan Lee Calls Video Games ‘Miracles’

Stan Lee

Leave it to Stan Lee to have us reach back into our childhood spirits and realize how much of a blessing video games really are. We’re so obsessed with putting games under a microscope and counting polygons we forget how much of a miracle they are. Luckily, we have Stan Lee to remind us. Good on ya Stan. And as always, Excelsior!

Here’s Lee’s statement in a Guardian interview, where he talks about video games:

If you were starting out now, do you think you would have started out in games rather than comics?

If I were young now and I wanted to do stories, I would very much want to get into the videogame business because it’s the most exciting. Videogames and movies are the most exciting forms of entertainment. But a videogame in a way is more imaginative, it has more variety. In a movie you stick to the plotline, in a videogame you go in a million different directions. I have no idea how they’re able to do that. It’s like a miracle.

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The Zelda Marathon Supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Zelda Marathon

If you’re looking for a way to rally a cause, I can honestly think of no better way than a Zelda marathon. All of the donations for the event will be going to the Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines – Thorold & District. Below is some more information. If 5,000 rupees are donated, then someone has to have a tri-force waxed into their chest. So get to donatin’.

The intent of The Zelda Marathon is to raise funds in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines – Thorold & District. The funds will directly support their organization by aiding in the production of future fundraising efforts, helping their mentorship programs and making successful mentorship matches.

The event will begin Nov.27th at 6 p.m. Eastern Time and will end when we have completed all 7 games. We will be playing : The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link To The Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker and The Twilight Princess. Also, we are very excited to announce that we will be playing and broadcasting LIVE from Big Brothers Big Sisters Headquarters in St. Catharines. This is going to add such a wonderful element to the marathon, and will also afford some of the Little Brothers the chance to come help us play the games!

For every major donation goal we hit, there will be a corresponding punishment or act of entertainment that we are committed to doing (Refer to the donation goal list HERE)

For more info, you can visit the site – here.

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