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Everything To Know About The Last Story

The Last Story

One game which I’ve been keeping a close eye on is The Last Story, from Mistwalker Studios. The development company has been responsible for some very well renowned RPGs on the Xbox 360 (ghosts), and is looking to make its mark on the Nintendo Wii perks. The main director of the game is, Hironobu Sakaguchi, who many might not know by name. However, you might recognize his work, as he was the director/producer on the Final Fantasy series and other popular Square Enix series.

The Last Story looks to be a very unique game in the JRPG modern warfare 3 perks arena. The most notable inclusion will be an online multiplayer option which is usually unseen in the genre. The game will contain six player cooperative and competitive modes.

Here are some other bits of news which have been released throughout the year.

– The gameplay system will be action based, and the main hero Elza will use a skill called ‘Gather’. This skill allows players to determine the flow of combat, and attracts monsters to Elza. Other characters will have their own special skills, providing a highly varied experience.

– A replay system was initially developed for the game, but was later scrapped because the developers believed it ruined the flow of combat.

– The battle system will have auto attack turned on by default. Games like MW3 don’t have this, unless they are using the list of perks in ghosts, or killstreaks. This allows players to simply get within the vicinity of a monster in order to attack it, providing concentration more on the overall battle.

– The release date is set for January 27th, 2011. A MW3 US release date has not been announced yet, though many speculate it will be announced soon.

– The Last Story will allow players to climb walls, and many stages will have a vertical feel to them.


Elza – The main hero of The Last Story. Having lost his family when he was younger, he works as a mercenary to survive. He dreams of becoming a knight.

Kanan – Main heroine of The Last Story. She’s a mysterious girl born of noble blood, and is an orphan. She’s adventurous and leaves the comfort of her castle constantly.

Quark – Leader of the mercenary group Elza is a part of, and negotiates their jobs. He’s skilled in combat, and acts as an older brother to mw3 Elza.

Seiren – A strong personality in the group who drinks and has a foul mouth. She lovers her allies though and is dedicated.

Yuris – Youngest member of the group, who is highly skilled in magical combat.

Jackal – Another mage who use ice magic, mw3 perks, but also swords. He’s easygoing and flirtatious but cares about the group.

Manamia – A healer who has an affinity for nature. There’s a secret in regards to her birth.

Gameplay Video:

Stay tuned for further updates. Hopefully a North America release date!

Updated: Whenever an enemy targets a player character, a glowing line is connected between the two. This can be seen in call of duty ghosts multiplayer. These lines will be color coded to designate which type of character is targeted.

Yellow – Fighter type
Purple – Archer type
Red – Wizard type

Source: Siliconera, MW3

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Nintendo Could Potentially Drop Profit Forecast (Bloomberg Report)

Duck Talkes Finance

The world of video game sales is a finicky business. When you’re on top, many times it feels as though nothing could go wrong. I’m sure Sony felt that way when they dominated the last generation with the ps2 black ops, and going into our current gen. Of course, things turned out quite a bit different. Nintendo has dominated up until now, and Sony is in third place when it comes to sales. And the Xbox 360 has been at a constant 2nd place after all three consoles were on the market.

The winds could be changing again, according to this report from It’s being reported that Nintendo is cutting it’s earnings forecast. The reason being that console sales slipped in the previous months, and estimates are going to be lower going on because of the price drop. Overseas, money will mean less as the yen is currently strong.

This doesn’t mean that Nintendo is down and out yet, with black ops coming out next year. Actually, many times a company will lowball their forecast to make their numbers seem great come crunch time. So, whenever you hear a company exclaim, “We made 60% above our forecast”, take it with a grain of salt.

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Charles Martinet Announces That Another Mario Game is in the Making

Charles Martinet

I’m sure that corporations are just in love with Twitter and other social networking sites. These platforms allow for even more unwanted announcements and people slipping up when it comes to retaining information. Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, is the latest person to prove this theory correct.

On his Twitter account, Martinet dropped this little pearl of info:

“Awesome new Mario Game! And it’s not NSMB Wii, and it’s not Galaxy 2, but it’s going to be crazy fun!”

So, he might not have announced any details but I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo didn’t want anyone to know that the game, whatever it is, is being worked on. They’re generally like Fort Knox when it comes to information. Although, it really isn’t that surprising to hear. Now the speculation begins as to what the game could be. A true sequel to Super Mario RPG? A whole new direction for the Italian plumber in red? Ok, it’s probably Mario Party 9.

In separate news, Martinet found himself a killer set of tires to go on his Toyota Prius. That’s right, the voice of Mario drives a Prius. I’ll leave you to your opinions on whether or not that’s a good thing.

Thank god for Twitter.

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Shigeru Miyamoto Brings The Goods at Press Event

While yours truly wasn’t able to attend Miyamoto’s round table event in NYC yesterday, I can (for you) read through all of IGN’s transcript and pick out the parts that you really should checkout.

If you’d like to read the entire transcript of the 90 minute event, then click here. Otherwise, enjoy my summary of the important bits of information:

Miyamoto on Wii Fit Plus

So even with the original Wii Fit, we tried to streamline the process, even to go so far as to create a Wii Fit Channel. But even so it still took time to get in and start it up and select activities, so we wanted to streamline that for Wii Fit Plus. We looked at other areas, consulting with university professors in how the software could be used, adding in a METs system, and by calculating the estimated amount of calories that you’re burning we can equate certain calorie amounts to foods. So it gives you a good idea of how much exercise it takes to burn off one piece of cake. (laughs)

In our house we consider the dog to be a member of the family, so while you could weigh your dog in the first game when you saw all your family members line up on the title screen it always saddened me that we didn’t have a dog to represent my dog, so we added that feature as well. We also have a cat in Wii Fit Plus, so you can have a cat…but there won’t be a Nintencats.

Miyamoto On New Super Mario Bros. Wii

In fact I remember at the Roundtable during E3 where someone asked “Is New Super Mario Bros. Wii going to be as easy as New Super Mario Bros. DS. And I think I said that I wouldn’t be. What I think we’ve created this time is pretty difficult.

Because New Super Mario Bros. Wii is multiplayer it has some new elements where more advanced gamers can take care of novice gamers, and carry them along with them to the end. We’ve also introduced a Guide system which we’ll be talking about later.

Now, here’s the Super Guide block. If you die many times in a level, this block will appear and you can activate the Super Guide for that level. When you activate it, you’ll see ‘video’ of Luigi running through the level. Since this is World 1-1, the guide is running through the most basic of tasks, almost like an instruction manual of how to play a Mario game. At any point, you can take control of the demo, so now I’m playing Luigi. What the Super Guide doesn’t show is the secret areas, it’s meant as a way to show novices a way to complete the level. But in the demo you can explore all the hidden areas. If you left the demo to run all the way to the end, it would give you the option to start the level over to clear it on your own, or if you just wanted to use it to get through the hard parts to finish the level and continue, you can do that.

Important Portions of Miyamoto Q&A

The game’s (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) multiplayer but there’s no online. Do you have any interest in focusing on the internet in any way?

We have made games like Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, so we do have an interest in going online. With this kind of Mario game we wanted to focus on the living room experience. We could have made an online Mario game, but the effort and resources you devote to putting it online will result in sacrificing something else. This type of experience is better suited for the face to face, in the same room experience. Of course, in the future there’s the possibility of exploring remote connectivity in a Mario game.

There are many references to other Mario games, like the coin collect, the Koopa Kids…is this a Best of Mario game? Is there anything you haven’t revealed you’d like to talk about?

We’ve collected a lot of elements from the different Mario games. There are a lot of fans out there with favorite Mario elements, and we want to make them happy by bringing back their favorites. To be honest I don’t really know what we have and haven’t revealed at this point, so it’s hard for me to know what I can share. The main feature is the multiplayer, obviously…two things, one I can talk about, one I can’t really delve into: one of the coin battle stages is a parody/alternate reality of the original Super Mario 1-1. If you know that level and play it in New Super Mario Bros Wii. I think you’ll be surprised. And, I’m not supposed to talk about it, but the final boss in the game is something that will feel fresh and new, but will definitely feel like a parody of a previous game.

Do you think there’s a 2D renaissance happening in the same way that Super Mario 64 set off a 3D focus in platforming? What’s the driving force, the Wii hardware or the player’s demands?

I don’t think that everything needs to be 3D, and I don’t think that because we’re seeing more 2D that we’re seeing everything shift in that direction. Maybe what’s going on is that people are realizing the benefits of 3D and 2D. With New Super Mario, and its multiplayer specifically, I think that multiplayer platforming is better suited to a 2D environment than a 3D one. Moving forward, developers will look at the objectives and make their decision on the benefits of each style. You have to have the courage to not get attached to the appearance of the game and pursuit the experience.

I left quite a bit out of the transcript, as it’s massive in girth. If you want to read the whole thing then have at it.

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Captain Lou Albano Dies At Age 76 (Game Related Legend)

The video game world has officially lost a legend today, and coincidentally didn’t directly have any involvement in video games. Captain Lou Albano, who is mostly known as a wrestling legend, for a short while was one of the largest icons in video game history — Mario. The details of his death haven’t fully been disclosed at this point, but he had a history of heart problems. The most recent being a heart attack in 2005.

If you’re 20 years or younger you perhaps have no idea what or who I’m talking about, so let me explain.

During the late 80’s, Mario was the most popular entertainment character with kids. During this time kids recognized Mario more than they did Mickey Mouse so that gives you a good barometer of how much of a hit he was. Mario’s popularity grew to such massive proportions that it was inevitable the video game character would cross over to other entertainment mediums, the first being television. Thus, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was born.

The show was a mix of live action comedy and short cartoon stories that came on every Saturday morning. Looking back, the entire thing was silly but by god it was a good time all around. And thinking about the show always provides good memories. Captain Lou Albano played the live action version of Mario, and although the show only lasted 52 episodes will always be the Italian plumber from Brooklyn.

So, here’s to you Captain Lou Albano. You will forever be Mario in the hearts of gamers around the world. And in fitting fashion, let’s take one more step and then again….come on everyone, Do The Mario!

R.I.P – Captain Lou Albano

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Final Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Characters Revealed

There have been some amazing holiday seasons in video game history, but I think for the Nintendo Wii 2009 could be it’s best yet. We’ve got New Super Mario Bros. Wii to look forward to, and the upcoming fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom soon after. If you’re giddy with anticipation then you should be glad to know that the final characters of the game have been revealed.

First, is Joe the Condor which if you’re a fan of Gatchaman should help complete the roster from the anime series. I personally must plead ignorance as I’ve never watched one episode of the series. Here’s a character design screen for those who are jonesin’ for some Joe the Condor.

Joe The Condor

The second character reveal will have you screaming with delight if you’re a fan of the Mega Man X series. The fan favorite, Zero, will be swinging his green energy sword all over some chumps come January. After watching his gameplay video, he will play completely different than Mega Man which is a treat, because of their different play styles throughout the years. Below is a character screen, and gameplay video.

Zero Mega Man

[via: IGN]

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