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Live Action Samus Aran is Glorious

Metroid: Other M has been available since August and I showed this to a friend who had never even seen it. So if you never have, it features a live-action Samus Aran and its actress is a dead-ringer.

The music track used is a Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”, which suits the mood of the video with emotional crescendos. Simply one of the silkiest TV spots ever.

Stay tuned for some first impressions of the game right here on WiiBlog.

Media screenshots

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Famitsu Scans

Generally, I’m not a fan of posting scans of magazines that you should rightfully buy if you want to see the content. However, Famitsu isn’t available stateside so I don’t mind posting these scans of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

They show off some screenshots of levels previously unseen. Also, we get to see all of the Koopa Kids congregated together. I’m hoping for a little sub plot where the Koopa Kids are secretly trying to disintegrate Bowser Jr. Hey, one can hope.

Enjoy the scans (Click To Enlarge)

New Super Mario Bros Wii scan screen 1

New Super Mario Bros Wii scan screen 2

New Super Mario Bros Wii scan screen 3

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Miyamoto Enjoys Measuring Things, Thinks You Do Too

Have you ever wondered what the geniuses of our world do with their spare time? Does Bill Gates play shuffleboard? Perhaps Steve Jobs enjoys hustling pool when he’s not thinking of the next name for a Mac OS. Fortunately, we now know one thing that Shigeru Miyamoto enjoys doing in his spare time: measuring things.

In a one-on-one discussion with Satoru Iwata, Miyamoto states how he enjoys measuring things:

Miyamoto: I’ve always enjoyed guessing the lengths of objects, which is why I carry a measuring tape around with me.

Iwata: Really? That one’s new to me too!

Miyamoto takes his hobby seriously, and continually puts his measuring skills to the test:

Miyamoto: For instance, I might guess that the table in front of us is about 1.2 metres long. Then I’d actually measure it with the measuring tape to check. If I got it right, I’d think: “I’m on form today!” But if I missed the mark by a long way, I’d think: “I’ve been slipping a bit recently!”

Iwata: So it’s a kind of barometer for what sort of form you’re in? (laughs)

Miyamoto’s obsession with measurement doesn’t stop there. He then discusses how a weight measurement game would be fun using the Wii Balance Board. The idea sounds highly simplistic, but I think it might be a fun time filler with the family:

Miyamoto: You can walk around with a measuring tape but you don’t find scales all that commonly, which makes it very difficult to check the weights of objects. That’s why I’ve always thought that using the Wii Balance Board to play a weight-guessing game would be great. For instance, we could make it like a school sports day. Get ten people together and hand out cards to each person. Then for instance, Iwata-san, you might get a card that reads “12 kilos” and I might get a card that reads “3 kilos”. Then we’d all split up and go around the school…

Iwata: …And we’d each have to bring back something which weighed that much.

Miyamoto: We’d each put the object on the scales and the person who got closest to their target weight would be the winner! (laughs) Doing something like that would be great fun, wouldn’t it? You don’t think it would be fun?

Iwata: Um… Sure! (laughs)

So, there you have it. Miyamoto’s discussion of how he loves to measure things. Perhaps it’s the trick to being able to come up with insanely popular ideas. I say, go out and buy some measuring tape today… ;)

[via: UK Wii]

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Games Media News

Epic Mickey Is (Officially) Revealed

Epic Mickey Magazine Cover

Of course while I’m on vacation some of the biggest news in Wii gaming is dropped. Game Informer officially announced the existence of Epic Mickey last week. There are no details to officially announce as of yet. As the weeks pass they will be releasing information and media concerning the game.

First is this interview with Warren Spector, the main director of Epic Mickey:

Warren Spector Epic Mickey Interview

The next piece of Epic Mickey awesomeness should be unleashed sometime today.

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Demo Play Has Two Seperate Descriptions

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I must admit that I had completely forgot about Demo Play, and it’s inclusion with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It seems that perhaps Nintendo forgot about the feature as well, because as it stands we have two different descriptions for the ‘help along’ system coming with the platform title.

During E3 earlier this year, Miyamoto spoke about Demo Play and how it would be implemented in New Super Mario Bros. Wii,

“In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if a player is experiencing an area of difficulty, this will allow them to clear troubled areas and take over when they’re ready” confirmed Miyamoto, through his translator. “And yes, we’re looking into this for future games, too”

This description is completely different from Nintendo’s official New Super Mario Bros. Wii page: “New Super Mario Bros. Wii is also the first Nintendo game to feature a dynamic help system, which allows you to access a mode showing how a level can be completed if you are stuck. The best thing about this mode is that you are free to jump into the action you’re watching on screen at any time!”

The logical reasoning is that Demo is exactly the same as when Miyamoto described it, he just talked about it differently. As it stands now though, no one is sure if Demo Play will take the game over for you or just show you what to do.

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Beautiful Master Sword Replicas

‘Work of art’ is the only description I can come up with when describing this Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess master sword replica. Here’s a description of how the sword was made, and with what:

The sword was made with durable resin and reinforced with aluminum or fiberglass rods for structural support, making it well balanced for carrying as a cosplay prop. The paint was custom automotive paint for a metallic and mirror-like shine, and to resist minor scratches. The sword measures about 42″ long, and weighs about 3lbs. The sheath was lined with suede and soft foam to keep the blade firmly in place, and prevent scratches while sheathing. The sword was also made for a Dark Link version as well.

Twight Princess Master Sword

Twight Princess Dark Master Sword

For more pictures and info, click here.

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