More Information About Punch-Out!


If you’re eagerly awaiting Punch-Out! as much as I am then any nugget of information is wonderful to find. The latest bit of news comes from Game Informer, who was able to score an interview with Ken Yeelroy, one of the game’s producers.

We get to learn all sorts of interesting things. Like the decision process behind utizing mainly old school characters, thoughts on multiplayer, and how the market will view the game. Here’s one of the more interesting quotes from the interview:

“I think when we looked at the Wii Remote, it isn’t about freely punching. You’re not going to beat the game that way. Surely, you might be able to get through a couple of fighters that way, but you quickly have to learn things. Like the original Punch-Out, they start to do things and you have to learn how to use the other moves—the dodging and the ducking and all of those kinds of things.”

If you want to check out the interview in its entirety, click here.

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