Microsoft Not Admitting Nintendo Wii Was Reason Behind Natal

While there are many factors that have led to the current state of Nintendo Wii domination in the consumer world, new and engaging ways to play video games is one of the main reasons. Pushing buttons and moving analog sticks? Why do that when I can make motions myself? With people who are new to gaming, and haven’t been playing since 1989 (yours truly) the idea of motion controls allows ‘everyone’ a chance to play.

At E3 this year it was blatantly obvious that Microsoft, and Sony are wanting to penetrate that same consumer base with their own take on motion controls. They’re going in different directions to bring their owners motion controls, but would they have tried them out without the Nintendo Wii? According to Shane Kim of Microsoft — no:

“No. Because the generation isn’t over, and we’re not winning yet. Our goal is to win, always has been. We want to have hundreds of millions of customers, whether that’s on 360 or on Live, and that’s our vision. That’s what Project Natal is about. Natal is not about responding to Nintendo and what they do with Wii, it goes well beyond what Nintendo and Sony are doing. This is about unlocking the potential and breaking down all the barriers that remain that prevent people who are intimidated or feel awkward with a controller in their hand – anything that prevents them from jumping in and having a great time with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. That’s what it’s about. It’s about the 60% of households around the world, more in some regions, that don’t own a games console today. We only have so much to offer, so much value to offer: how do we prevent ourselves getting in the way? That’s what Project Natal really is.”


It’s not a surprise to see this response. In fairness the question that this answer derived from wasn’t regarding the Nintendo Wii. However, I find it so funny when a company can’t bring themselves to give some respect to their competition. The Microsoft Project Natal has nothing to do with Nintendo? I beg to differ, it has everything to do with you trying to penetrate the market just like Nintendo is currently doing. A response like this would have been adequate:

“We saw how Nintendo was engaging this new market like never before. We at Microsoft believe we can add to this idea, and bring people to the 360 like never before.”

I shouldn’t act like Nintendo is completely innocent of this practice, because they’ve said things along this line before. So come on guys, it’s ok to throw the competition some respect now and then.



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