Marble Saga Kororinpa Preview

Marble Saga Kororinpa

I’ve heard of the Kororinpa games, but will have to tell you that I’ve never sat down and actually played one. That will all change, as Hudson was kind enough to send some preview materials, plus a demo of their latest game, Marble Saga Kororinpa.

After reading the synopsis of the plot, I must say I’m intrigued if a little scared. The game follows the adventures of Anthony the Ant as he sets out on his journey to find the ‘Golden Flower’. As the story unfolds, you gather items essential to progressing. There will be around 40 of these items, including shrinking machines, movable bridges, vacuum tubes, and cannon vaults.

If you’ve never played a game like Kororinpa it’s a puzzle game much in the same spirit as the Super Monkey Ball games. It’s played by tilting the game world as you navigate a marble through various stages. The stages’ difficulty increases, as more obstacles are thrown at you.

After reading through the various features that Hudson promises to offer, I’m quite impressed. The single player portion of the game will include 150 levels, spanning 7 different worlds. There’s Mii integration, along with an option to play the game using the balance board. The game will utilize WiiConnect 24, as you’ll be able to create stages and upload them for others to play. Hudson also promises to release their own stages once the game releases.

Here’s some screenshots (Click To Enlarge)

Marble Saga Kororinpa Screenshot Marble Saga Kororinpa Screenshot Marble Saga Kororinpa Screenshot Marble Saga Kororinpa Screenshot

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A WiiBlog video preview should be ready sometime later in the week. You’ll finally get to hear my voice so get excited for that.

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    After a few weeks with Wii Fit, I can say the ball-rolling game is one of the surprise hits for me. So I’m actually looking forward to trying something like this out on the balance board. Hope it meets the potential that is there.

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