Inspirational Gamer Doesn’t Give Up On Gaming

This could mark the first, and last time I talk about the PS3 here on WiiBlog. Today’s story transcends any trappings people have about childish “system wars”, and who’s console is better. This story is about a gamer, who even through physical disability didn’t give up on his passion for gaming. To me he’s the mark of what a gamer truly is, and a testament to the power of human spirit and perseverance.

A PS3 forum user by the name of, KitsuneYume created a thread titled ‘ My custom one of a kind PS3 controller,I can game again!‘. Reading the title you might think it’s some modder who decided to put anime on their PS3 controller for supreme pwnage. Once you start reading the post, it couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

KitsuneYume has a physical disability that doesn’t allow him to play video games like many of us are privileged to have. He doesn’t go into any of the medical details, but reading his posts and viewing his pictures it’s obvious to see that holding a controller would be an extremely difficult task, if at all possible. Instead of giving up on his passion; through some engineering genius and a help from a friend he was able to construct a controller that would allow him to game on. Instead of trying to explain the controller and mess it up in the process, here’s the YouTube video with some of the technical details.

Some of the details you might not be able to pick up through the video is how he’s able to use the controller. The analog stick motions are surprisingly used by the motions of his tongue. Because of his disability, KitsuneYume has to use nearly every extremity he has in order to play a game. Some of the switches and sensors he presses with his fingertips, while others are pressed by his toes.

KitsuneYume explains the reasons for creating his custom made PS3 controller, “One day I was looking at a trailer for Final Fantasy 13, Killzone 2 and Mirrors Edge. I was like, I have to definitely play FF13 because I love it with all my heart, the series I mean. Ever since I played 2/4 I have been hooked. I sat there thinking of ways I could play it and finally came up with this. Me and a guy from Minnesota built and designed this controller together.”

“The main reason I put this on the PlayStation website was to show people that even the most limited person can still enjoy console gaming just as much as anyone else. The controller was pretty easy to make except for converting the analog signals into digital signals for when I use the various switches. This took about two months to build and get working effectively…I really want the Sony people to see this as well, because many years ago when I was asking about this they had no idea what to send me. Also I can see my television clearly with no obstruction whatsoever even though it really works like I would not be able to see anything at all. If anybody knows anybody who could use assistance playing video games please let me know”

As someone who loves gaming, and plays as much as possible I can honestly say I might not have the determination to do what this person has accomplished. His story is one not just for PS3 gamers, but for all of us who love to do what we do. KitsuneYume is an example of what it truly means to be a ‘hardcore gamer’.


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    Damn, that’s a cool kid. Obviously has soome love around him. I’ll take a PS3 story like that any day of the week even though I’m a Wii guy. Thanks for sharing it.


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