Horseback Riding Wii Remote Peripheral Patent

The Nintendo Wii has seen most of it’s success for their ability to foresee consumer interests. They had a good feeling that using motion controls would bring video games into a whole new market and expand their user base. I think after viewing this one particular idea that sometimes creativity can get the best of you. Wii Remote Saddle Add On 1

When the Nintendo Wii Balance Board was announced, many people were left shocked. How could Nintendo turn this into a top selling product? That same question can also be attached to the ‘Wii Horseback Riding Saddle’. Yes, you read that correctly so keep moving.

To be fair many companies have crazy patents that never come into physical fruition, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to jab at. The saddle is basically an inflatable seat that you attach your Wii remote to. The vibrations from you bouncing up and down on the seat provide the movement in the remote. The nunchuck is used as the patent states, “a raised hand for balance as in Bronco riding, a lasso, a sword or other weapon, etc.”

The humor of the patent continues on, as Nintendo states some alternative animals that could be used with the device, “bulls, camels, elephants, burros, dolphins, whales” and also the mythical kind, “ragons, griffons, unicorns, giant eagles”

As of now there has been no official word from Nintendo. Which isn’t a big surprise considering they probably haven’t given a second thought to the device since applying for the patent.

Wii Remote Saddle Add On

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Wii Remote Saddle Add On 2

[via: Siliconera]


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    That patent seems really silly, lol.

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    That….is so strange! Really, and inappropriate too.

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