HillCrest Labs Files Patent Suit Against Nintendo

Patent suits have been all the rage against video game companies as of late. First, Sony had a patent infringment brought on them by Immersion for their dual shock technology. You might also remember the patent case against Nintendo way back when for their Gamecube and Wavebird controller designs; by unknown Anascape. It looks like there’s a new kid in town ready to take on Nintendo, and they go by the name of HillCrest Labs.

To give HillCrest Labs credit, they actually do offer a service and product, unlike Anascape which was your classic case of patent squatting or trolling, whichever you prefer. Back in 2001 HillCrest filed for a patent for a technology that interacts with digital media on television using motion-control and pointing techniques. HillCrest has said that many of their patented technologies have been licensed by consumer electronics companies, but didn’t disclose any names.

HillCrest is a venture based organization, and has actually raised $50 million for their research and development.

In a press release, HillCrest stated that they had respect for Nintendo and what they’ve done with the Nintendo Wii. This lawsuit, they claim is just a case of a company defending their intellectual property. Here are some images of the patented device. I must say it looks legit, and Nintendo might have another big lawsuit payout on their hands.

HillCrest Labs

HillCrest Labs

via: [gigaom.com]

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